You asked for it. So now your getting it!

While I was over in the States, some inspiration helped me come up with this idea to tackle a problem!

So what is the solution?

“Find a Man Monday’s!”

Some of you may be thinking … what in the world?!

So here is the deal.

Every Monday … A video blog … By none other than MEEEE!!

Here I’m going to answering some of the top questions you have emailed me!! – email me there …

But because I came up with this brain storm … just this week. I have no questions yet.

So I went to one of my FAV websites

To get some really juicy questions.

What are they? Well I answer …

1) How much predictability you should have when you first start dating someone


3) Who REALLY benefits from Friends with benefits …

Yeh … pretty kool huh? So wat are you waiting for … time to start watching here!!

Hot Alpha Female