What’s with women today? …

Let’s face it, some women are really scary, crazy, and a little manipulative. In this video I want to talk about “what is really up with women today!”

Why do they act the way that they act? Do they just enjoy being manipulative or bitchy? What is the underlying cause behind this?

The main problem with many women today is their inability to express and fully embrace their femininity. The less they can do that, the more masculine they become. The more masculine they become the less attractive and open they appear to you.

Yes, it is a vicious cycle. And it has to stop somewhere! Of course, can you really blame women for being this way? Images of the independent and successful woman are plastered on billboards, magazines, and in pop culture. So in women striving to live up to this image they are in fact repressing something very intimate and important to them.

If you can become aware of this and then focus on developing a masculine energy that really coaxes out her feminine – there will be much happier dating and relating experiences for men and women!

Hope you enjoy!

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Being a man and developing presence …

In a number of my other videos I talk about the importance of a man having presence. This presence and masculinity helps to draw out a woman’s femininity, receptiveness and appreciation … which are all good things.

In addition presence will not only enrich the relationships you have with women, but help to create a much more fulfilling life.

To be present is to have all your experiences, attention and resources focused all in one point in time; that which is happening right now.

It involves being in your body, becoming aware of all the thoughts and distractions which may be circulating your mind and then letting them pass over you. Learning presence means you will be able to truly hear what another is saying and it will help create a space between a thought and a particular emotion which may or may not lead to a particular action. Presence allows you to stop operating on autopilot and allows you to regain back control.

You can develop presence mentally and physically. Both are very easy to do, but it will require practice and integration over time.

In terms of attracting women, developing presence also allows you to treat everyone equally. Since you are practicing removing the judgmental thoughts about yourself and others – you can treat really attractive women just as equals – as real people. There is no time for putting them on a pedestal, approval seeking or belief in self defeating thoughts.


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What to do when all fails (part 2)

So when all fails, here are three other things that you can use to help you avoid a sticky situation.

The first is when you are not sure what to do, display dominance, leadership and assertiveness. When all fails: take the lead, make the decision, and be the leader. If you don’t know how to do this or you have some fears associated with this; it’s time to get a grip on them. If you want to be in a happy fulfilling relationship this is a skill which you are going to have to develop and integrate; so that it becomes a natural part of the way you live your life.

The second tip is always assume that “she is interested in you.” Yes, you heard me right! I have so many emails from you guys asking me what you should do. Put that power back into YOUR control. You know what to do. Stop second guessing yourself. Learn to trust your decisions. When you assume she is interested in you, you can put yourself back into the game and wear confidence on your sleeve. “No second guessing” equals more “self assurance” and “purpose” in your actions. These are all good things, which are required when attracting women.

The third tip is be prepared to improvise! Be prepared for when things don’t work out the way you expected them to. If you need a plan, then have a plan A, plan B, plan C, and plan D. If it gives you more confidence and assurance, do it! Also be prepared to be flexible and go with the moment. Use things that didn’t turn out the way you expected them to: connect, tease, and interact with her on deeper levels. See them as opportunities rather than challenges.

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What to do when all fails (part 1)

I created this video because reading the various emails I receive I realised a common thread between them all.

It was this idea of placing the responsibility on something outside yourself. Meaning the control was given to the woman you were dating or the women you had yet to meet.

This is extremely harmful and can really kill your cool.

Personal responsibility it about assessing what is and isn’t under your control. And working towards your best outcome.

As part of that, you must learn to refocus your thoughts and ask better quality questions in order to get better quality answers.

What you focus on expands. Always. So if you are: constantly focusing on getting her to like you, seeking her approval, or wanting her to call you back; then you will be constantly sparking emotions and thoughts which make you feel tense and anxious.

If however you focus on things that are completely under your control, like the way you behave, the thoughts that you think and focus on cultivating those, then you can have a much more empowering experience with yourself and this woman.

In part 2 I will be addressing the 3 other core assumptions that you can place on yourself which will help you regain control of the situation and allow that natural sense of cool and ease to return effortlessly.

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REVISITED! How Important Are Looks To Women … Really?!

You can access and get her by registering at her site.
I recently got together with Marni creator and owner of “Wing Girl Method”. We chatted about various different intriguing and interesting topics related to attracting and maintaining attraction with women.

She has been working with top dating experts and coaching men on attracting women for the past 7 years. So we really enjoyed getting stuck into this interview and talking about things that really mattered to men.

We covered things like:

*The importance of looks to women
*The difference between what women will say and what they will actually do
*Two of the most hurtful words any woman can hear
*What really matters when attracting and interacting with women.

Hope you guys enjoy, leave your comments, feel free to check out her site for more information and I’ll be in touch soon!

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What Really Holds Men Back From Attracting Women

There are two main things I see truly holding men back when it comes to attracting and interacting with women.

The first is attitude. Attitudes they have about themselves and attitudes they hold about women. When any of these are negative, sabotage and frustration are not far around the corner.

When you can learn to investigate what these thoughts are, be open to what you find, and are willing to change these to new and empowering beliefs, your world can literally change.

And the great thing is that all of this under your complete control!

The second thing I see holding men back is a deeper understanding of the psychology of women. When this has never been taught to a man, it can literally be like walking in around in a dark room, trying to orient yourself.

However it is also no use to simply understand women at a deeper level if there are negative attitudes to women in mind. Because in the end these ideas will either be rejected or abused and non of this will help contribute to longer lasting and fulfilling relationships with women.

It is my assumption that this is what men are truly striving for.


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Reasons Why Women Cause Drama And What To Do About IT!

I’m sure all of you have experienced a woman being dramatic. I know how scary and confusing this must be for someone who doesn’t know exactly how to handle this.

I will show you the two core factors which contribute to a woman engaging in dramatic behavior. This can include: picking fights, nagging, attempting to control you, being constantly moody and upset, being withdrawn, getting upset over the smallest things, acting needy, clingy, needy or desperate, wanting you attention all the time, or acting like a child.

So, what happened to this: cool, fun, easy going, and confident chick you originally met?

Well the good news is that she is not gone forever, although she may be temporarily unavailable unless you can find ways to bring her back.

Let’s first start with the two core reasons why she is acting dramatic.

1) She is bored – A woman needs to experience a whole breadth of emotions, from sadness to happiness. If you can coax her to express and experience these in a safe way, she will learn to trust you and therefore more able to open to you.

2) She is feeling insecure about something. Women experience insecurity about anything and everything! Usually it will be in the form of a threat to her sense of self, identity, or relationship with you. If you can restore her security then you can minimize her drama.

Here are the 3 ways you can minimize drama in the future

1) Acknowledge and recognize when she is not herself.

2) Be present and encourage her to express whatever emotions she feels.

3) Proactively encourage her to express her emotions on a daily basis to empty out her “negative emotional bucket”, so she won’t feel the need to engage in dramatic behavior.


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Men: How To Overcome Approval Seeking Behavior

So I know this is an issue that you guys have a lot of problems with and if you are constantly seeking approval from women, this will limit their ability to be attracted to you.

Approval seeking behavior when it comes to women can be communicated in a number of different ways;

1. Apologizing for your actions

2. Seeking to get attention from her

3. Asking for her permission

4. Being afraid to say something that may offend her – Only wanting to act in ways that will make her like you more.

In this video I will talk about some of the ways you can overcome this approval seeking behavior;

1. Come from an abundance mentality

2. Change what you focus on

3. Surrounding yourself with people who are confident, don’t so much have the urge to seek approval from other people and who have your best interests at heart.


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How to keep your girlfriend interested (part 3) – Being cocky funny all the time

Yep, that’s right, I’m sure you have heard of it before. Using cocky funny humour can help you attract a woman. And yes, all the rumors are true. Learning to tease, have fun and challenge a woman are great to get her to drop her defenses, open up to you and become more relaxed around you.

Now that you have got her attention, what happens now? Do you just keep it up? Do you tease and joke with her about everything? Well in this video I explain, why you need to keep up cocky funny and why you don’t need to.

I suggest that its great to keep up being cocky funny and teasing her, as it helps to keep the variety, anticipation and spark alive in the relationship. This is important to keep things interesting and fresh.

But I also want to mention how damaging it can really be if you don’t further develop and allow her to experience a number of other emotions. A woman likes to experience emotional depth. This means she may want to be sad at times or she may want to laugh. It also means that there are times when you want to joke around and she may want a source to vent to or some empathy and understanding.

If she is at a point where she wants to experience this and you end up laughing in her face and tell her to “lighten up” – its not going to do you or her any favors.

If she can only experience all the good superficial emotions with you, she is not going to feel like she can have a full experience while she is with you, which again will lead to her acting up, creating unnecessary drama and so on.

On the other hand if you are able to take her to many different emotional places, happy, sad, deep, meaningful, playful she will feel like she gets an emotional workout from you. The more workout she gets the need she feels to create drama and the closer a bond you can develop with her.

So enjoy guys and let me know your thoughts,

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How to keep your girlfriend interested (part 2) – Being dominant all the time

I know you here a lot, display confidence, be assertive and take the leadership position! It’s like drilled it. And let me tell you. It works.

When in doubt, display dominance. So when you get into a relationship,
do you still have to display dominance all the time? Well initially its important to assert your dominance, as this will communicate that you are in fact the leader. Women want to be led. Some will put up a bigger fight than others, but at the end of the day, they all want to be led.

This is important in the initial stages, but then after that, what comes next? Well after a woman has been interacting with for some time and she is testing you less, her defenses are down, its fairly safe to assume that she has assumed your leadership. She has accepted it.

Therefore when it comes to being in a relationship with her, you must now share this control with her. Encourage her to express her opinions more and actually allow her to make decisions some of the time. This will contribute to the relationship as a woman will feel she is able to express herself and her opinions, which is important in her building more trust and intimacy with you. If you are dominant all the time, she will eventually become reclusive, withdrawn or even more demanding and defiant. She will not be able to be the girl that you first met.

Enjoy the video,

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