Why Do You Attract Emotionally Unavaliable Men?

How is it that us women have the unique ability, (similar to that of a cruise missile) to find, attract and date the only emotionally/physically unavailable man in the entire dating market?

I’m telling you that’s a real skill … and we are good at it, coz lets face it … we’ve had a lot of practice.

Now in light of this we could react how 99 percent of the women do and mention every excusable cliché under the sun, like “All the good men are taken, men only want one thing, I’m just not that into him”.

Now while your ranting off things like “I’ll find him when I’m not looking and there are plenty of fish in the sea” you are missing out on potentially one of the biggest revelations of your dating life.

Among the midst of confusion, frustration and plain denial the single most important truth can be simply put like this.

We pick men who (deep down we know) are emotionally/physically/in some form unavailable to date or commit to us in any way.
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No Such Thing as (THAT) Part 3

If you want to get better with approaching women, interacting with women or better yet getting better in any area of your life, you are going to have to fail and the faster you fail the better.

Not the advice you were hoping for right?

Well you know what?

I reckon there is a huge worldwide conspiracy circulating out there right now.

And here it is.

We all talk about how great success is, the benefits of it and are given a 10 day system on how to achieve it.

All that advice is effective right? *cough*

So here is the conspiracy. Everyone wants success, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

You know why?

Because success is made to look easy!

You know what?
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Women Vs Men – Who Is Really Behaving Badly?

Women and men, both behave badly when it comes to relationships.

No-one is worse than the other, we are equally as bad as eachother.

But from what I can tell men are blaming women and men are blaming women.

Instead of uncovering the truth we run around eachother, creating scenarios, situations, reasons as to why it is not our fault.

The blame game is so on. And the competition is fierce.

So while I don’t really want to go in and fuel this debate, I want to clarify some of the excuses men and women say to themselves that prevents them for taking responsibilities for their own dating lives.

I don’t think that there is anyone to blame. But I do think that we have a responsibility to ourselves to discover and live the real truth.

But then again. If you want we can have a debate about who behaves worse than the other. You know, just for the fun of it.

So now I’m putting forth my case!

Here goes …
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Its Not Between Bad Boys and Nice Guys Anymore

I have to admit this was a distinction that a respected member on the forum RSDNation “Rockavon” made on one of his posts.

I love rsdnation. Its a great high traffic forum filled with aspiring “Pick Up Artists” as well as high quality instructors which facilitates some great quality content, and pretty much everything you would want to know or would need to know about how to get better with women.

So I know we have many debates about the Bad Boy vs Nice Guy. Well I’m here to talk about a paradigm shift and to say that maybe its neither that is getting the girls.

So if its not the bad boys. And its not the nice guys. Who is really winning? Well the Good Guy. Rockavon shares some of the characteristics of a Good Guy.

Boys and Girls, please read on and tell me what you think.

The Good Guy

He gets out of the house and is really social.

He uses his value based reality to naturally become selective.

He encourages the girl to GAME him.
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How To Talk To Girls – If A 9 Year Old Can Do It – So Can You!

Yep thats right.

Little nine year old Alec Greven successful author of has figured out and now shows you how to talk to girls. If he can do it then so can you!

No more complaining to me about how hard it is to approach women.

Here is a nine year old who can do it better than you! Where are all your excuses now?

So what are some of the tips he has ….

“The best choice for most boys is a regular girl. Remember, some pretty girls are cold hearted when it comes to boys. Don’t let them get to you.”

“If I say hi and you say hi back, we’re probably off to a good start”

It sound so simple doesn’t it?

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Is Learning Picking Up All About Manipulation?

You would be surprised how many WOMEN out there cannot stand PUA’s.

They think that people like Mystery and David Deangelo are frauds, who are corrupt and teach men how to manipulate women.

They make comments like … we don’t fall for this stuff. People who use these techniques on us and it doesn’t work.

Well I can say .. is that if you had an advanced PUA approach you and hit on you … you would not even know what hit you.

What irritates me the most is that these women, who know nothing from nothing about the pick up scene or seduction, make all these wild accusations and assumptions about the men who learn this stuff.

What they don’t understand is the difference between the logical/rational and the emotional/illogical.

So I’m here to educate. But first lets have in mind the question.

Who does this PUA stuff really benefit, if anyone at all?
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Why Men Don’t Like To Be Beaten And How To Handle It When You Do Kick Their Butt!

Jennie Asked …..

I need advice! I’m a HAF myself, 22yo.

Basically, I think my boyfriend is being really pissy over something I didn’t think was a big deal. We were talking the other day about sports we no longer take part in but used to enjoy and I mentioned that I used to do judo in college and was pretty good, even though I only received a beginner’s yellow belt.

He thought this was hilarious because I’m tall and blond and weigh around 125lbs, and I guess he didn’t think that a pretty girl could fight her way out of a paper bag, much less do a martial art.

So when he got done laughing at me (he really was laughing) I challenged him to a wrestling match. Long story short, I used some timely leg sweeps and wrist throws to send him to the floor a few times, and after a while he got so tired out that his strength advantage was gone, and I was able to pin him.

Well, I figured he would have learned his lesson, but he’s totally bent out of shape about it…he’s been pouty and obnoxious ever since the match and keeps challenging me to a rematch, saying I got lucky, and that he wasn’t trying hard…all this stuff to protect his macho ego.

So what do I do? Give him a rematch and let him win? (He would totally rub it in my face and say things like “I told you women can’t fight”). Or agree to a rematch and try my best again, risking another blow to his ego if he loses? Or just refuse and tell him to deal with it? (I’ve tried that last option and he just won’t let it go).

And please tell me–have YOU ever beaten a guy at something physical and had him react this way?

Please advise!
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Men Becoming Women and Women Becoming Men

I just stated the number one dating problem of the 21st century.

and all in 7 words and less ….

Now let me explain this concept in a bedtime story.

Once upon a time in a land far far away ….

There was a man named Magnus and a woman named Sugar. Now they did not at the time know each other but both equally hated their parents for giving them such flaky names.

Now Magnus had the world at his feet. His parents were the rulers of the world and he was obviously heir to the thrown. In fact his father was handing over the rule of the kingdom the very next year.

Now Magnus was a masculine kind of guy. He loved to ride his horses, go on hunting trips and talk about manly stories with his other manly rough and tough buddies over beer about the latest swordfight. I’m sure there was plenty of grunting involved too. Click here to read more »

The Real Reason Why Women Test Guys And What To Do About It

So many of you may know about shite tests. Tests that women put you poor guys up to .. so you can prove that you are worthy to talk to, date and all that other stuff =)

Well I have read a lot of posts about this. And I want to be able to put the solution to these tests in a different light.

So many posts have come out, giving examples of what you should say and what you shouldn’t say.

I love reading these posts, but I think that they defeat the main point.

And that is … understanding the “reason” why you need to respond in the way that you do.

So as you can see in my heading, I say that you can win these tests, by giving women exactly what they want.

That may cause a little bit of controversy because all the other posts give strict rules like “never answer her question directly”, “never say no or yes” and the rest of it.

Well I want to go against the grain of that. And say that how you pass those shite tests really depends on the situation and what is being said.

If you want to know how to pass these tests, then you don’t need to know and study all the shite tests that have been given in the past and try and come up with answers to all of them. Click here to read more »

Why A Man Stays When A Woman Has Her Storm

So a lot of you have already read my last post and made some very insightful and interesting comments.

Ok that was the nice way of putting it.

A lot of you don’t agree with what I have just said.

Maybe this is an area which i cannot be so articulate in as much as I would like to.

So I’m adding this video, so that maybe you guys will see the point that I’m attempting to get across.

For men to stand by their women they love … no matter what.


Hot Alpha Female