Commitment. The Chicken is Involved. The Pig is Committed.

So where have I been?That could be a very valid question.

To be honest life has been a little crazy.

Recently I just came out of hospital. Never been to hospital for an illness before in my life and don’t see why I had to start now.

But here I am … and now I’m out and willing to share with you my thoughts and my reflections.

Hopefully we will all learn something new.

So firstly what was the reason why I was in there? Well nothing too life threatening.

Just a severe case of tonsillitis, which could have potentially blocked my airway.

Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t put anything into my mouth, it was excruciating to swallow anything and I was getting very dehydrated.

So 3 days later and more fluid and drugs pumped through me than a local pharmacy, I’m alive, kicking and feeling better than ever.

ok well not better than ever.
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Rejection First Hand!

Ok I just had the biggest lesson of a life time. It has to do with perfectionism and being able to handle rejection.

So here is the thing. Sorry if I have not gotten back to some of your comments and thoughts lately I have been in the lovely Goldcoast having a great time with my bestfriend to celebrate her 22nd Birthday.

There are a whole bunch of stories there, which I will have to share with you another time.

Just before that I was working at the Health Expo as a promotions girls to help promote this website which will be launching in like 2 days!

SO as you know with any type of promotions you have to get out there engage with people, capture interest and close the sale.

In many respects it would be similar to a guy approaching a girl and attempting to get her interest.

Well here is what I experienced first hand! Man now I know exactly what it feels like to be a guy, and how hard approaching girls can be.

So this is what happened to me and how I overcame it. Click here to read more »

Hot Alpha Female and Rejection First Hand! Preview

Ok so a lot of you guys email me asking me how you can overcome rejection.

I’ve made video posts, blog entries and talked myself black and blue about how to overcome it.

Recently I just had an experience which put me back in line with that fear. And really allowed me to empathize and relate with you guys more.

In fact. I spend the last 3 days dealing with rejection severely. And it made me remember how gripping that fear was.

Because here is the thing, rejection is something that we are not only going to experience when it comes to the dating arena, its related to every other part of your life.

Business, family, career, social …. you name it … fear of rejection is hidden in there somewhere.

Life is all about figuring out what you want and then developing to courage to go out and get it!

So in the next blog post coming out on Monday, I’m going to share with you, how I did have to approach and get rejected to many strangers, hot strangers might I add … and how in the end I was able to overcome this approach anxiety and reach my desired outcome.

Stay tuned for Monday guys!

Hot Alpha Female

No Such Thing as (THAT) Part 3

If you want to get better with approaching women, interacting with women or better yet getting better in any area of your life, you are going to have to fail and the faster you fail the better.

Not the advice you were hoping for right?

Well you know what?

I reckon there is a huge worldwide conspiracy circulating out there right now.

And here it is.

We all talk about how great success is, the benefits of it and are given a 10 day system on how to achieve it.

All that advice is effective right? *cough*

So here is the conspiracy. Everyone wants success, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

You know why?

Because success is made to look easy!

You know what?
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No Such Thing as (THAT) Part 2

I’m sitting here, thinking … gawd am I actually seriously helping these people.

I mean my dating life isn’t necessarily perfect (there’s that word, better watch out for it). I’m not in the perfect relationship right now. My life isn’t perfect.

Why would I be qualified to be writing a dating and attraction blog. Like really?

My crappy conclusion was that I simply wasn’t. And that I would have to achieve all those things, in order to start writing again.

So that was it.

HAF gone bye bye.

Disappeared for however long I did, on a quest to make my life perfect.

Now I don’t know if any of you have been in pursuit of perfection, but its a pretty frustrating journey and I don’t recommend it.

But you know that quote, “how you do one thing is how you do everything?”. Click here to read more »

Just Sometimes Its Not About YOU!


Its one of those things that can lead to infatuation, delusion, intense pain and self sacrifice.

Yet, its “the thing” that pretty much every person who is truthful to themselves wants to experience.

We spend most of our lives trying to find it in the form of other people or person, only to end up disappointed that no-one can really quite make the cut.

Eventually you learn that real love is found within yourself and then intently shared with someone else who you choose to be close to your heart.

So as soppy as that sounds … I believe it to be true. 100%

Behind all the sarcasm … There is a thick layer of soppiness.

Here is the thing though.

What many people don’t realize is that different people can experience love in different ways.
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It Wont Make You Happy – So Stop Trying

So you guys are probably wondering where I have been. Sorry that I didn’t tell you about it before but I went on a almost 2 week meditation course where all you do is eat sleep and meditate for 10 days straight.

No reading, No writing, No talking, No looking at anyone and No dinner.

Wake up time was @ 4:15am each morning and everyone had to get into bed by 9:30pm.

For some that may seem like a living hell. I spoke to some people before I went and most of the responses were the same.

“I could never do that”, “I would go insane”, “What no dinner? Is it a weight loss camp?”.

Well weight loss, not exactly, but you sure do get to dump a lot of the mental weight you carry around.

I did my best to go in without any real expectations.

Some people their who I was talking to before the noble silence started talked about how one of their female relatives did the course and said it was harder than having 4 kids, other talked about stories about people walking naked into the bush and not coming back for some time and others wanting any piece of normal society who just read their name tag and over again for 10 days straight. Click here to read more »

Weekend Post Special! – I Kicked His Butt And Now What? Part 2

So many of you have been following Jennie’s Dilemma with her boyfriend. Well here is the second part of this series and the advice I have to offer. For Part ONE click here.

Here is what Jennie said …

Hi Jennifer!

First, thanks so much for getting back to me. I can’t tell you how much i appreciate it. I can see why so many people are drawn to your blog!

So you’ve kind of asked some really good questions here, and maybe this will give you a clearer picture of what i’m dealing with: what’s got me so freaked out is that b4 we had this wrestling contest, he NEVER showed any signs of being a chauvinist jerk. Things were really pretty good and i thought he was a self confident guy. Then i pinned him and all hell broke loose. So i don’t know what to make of that.

But I did try to put myself in his shoes, & I realize that my knowing judo doesn’t mean anything to him. All he knows is, he took on a 5’8″, 125 lb. girl who’s pretty & has long hair and is as feminine as can be, and got his butt kicked. I remember how frustrated and angry he looked when he realized I had him locked down with my knees clamped on either side of his chest and his wrists pinned behind his head. And that’s why I asked you about the sports you had won against guys b/c this really is different. I was able to tire him out and then physically overpower him & I think it took a real psychological toll. Click here to read more »

The Good Break Up! How to deal with a breakup and heal a broken heart …

You know while I was down at the snow like a couple of days ago something really struck me.

It was another light bulb moment, but this one was more profound.

Now I’m sure that many of you have had ex boyfriends or girlfriends, so you will be able to relate.

Let me just let you in on the scenario and then tell you what I have learnt from it.

So here’s the thing. I had a boyfriend for like 3 years back when I was like 16. He was my first boyfriend and to tell you the truth, it was a pretty good relationship. I say that in hindsight taking a step back and being able to rationally think about it.

Now things didn’t work out, because he just wasn’t really the right guy for me, but none the less you live and learn. And its an experience that I wouldn’t change for in the world.

Now lets skip over to my brother. He too at the time was dating a girl, who was his first girlfriend. I think they dated for a total of about 18 months. I only know that, because they had like one month anniversaries … but that’s a whole another topic I could rave on about, so don’t get me started. Click here to read more »

Drugs Sex and Rock and Roll

Don’t know if this post is going to have anything to do with dating. Maybe it will maybe it won’t. Maybe this post will be a little about self discovery and getting absolutely blind drunk.

So let me set the scenario and get you guys up to speed. University organized New Zealand ski trip. 88 crazy ass young people ranging from 18-23. Skiing all day. Partying all night. Sleep is optional. For 10 days straight.

My body was hating me afterwards. Trust me.

If you guys have been wondering where I have been, well there is your answer. Got back a week and a half ago and I’m still recovering.

I was one of those that took it easy.

While it was an awesome trip. Got some great skiing in. Met some awesome people. Had some great times. N have all these photo’s emerging on face book half of which I cannot remember ever been taken. It was fun. But that also depends on your definition of fun.

Because I really do believe that you can have different classes of experiences in your life. Some experiences which feel good at the time but are bad for you in the long run. Click here to read more »