Online Dating – Why Bad Profiles Do So Well

So this whole online profile writing this was spurred on by an awesome post that lance did on his blog a little while ago. You can view it here.

Basically lance had seem so many of the same dating profiles put up by chicks that he decided to make one of his own.

And I tell you want, it was freaking hilarious and it proved a great point. You guys can all be standardized frauds.

Well ok maybe that was my interpretation.

So to stand out from the crowd of crappy profiles .. this is what I came up with …

This is the profile that I posted like 2 days ago. I wrote it with an objective in mind. To be as bitchy, blunt and honest about who I was without all the fluff and crap you normally see on a dating website.

In fact when I was writing this out … I’m thinking to myself, “Dam”, I can be cynical! SO as part in parcel of preparing for my sociology essay which so happens to be on intimate relationships and online dating, I have come to many very very cool conclusions.
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11 Things You Have To Know BEFORE You Try Online Dating

So the Internet is taking the world by storm and along with that so is online dating. It is fast becoming much more socially accepted these days and a valid way to get to meet some great people.

With anything there are a number of issues about online dating. The main one I want to look at is safety. Some people don’t want to try online dating, because they think its a place for stalkers, psychos and ugly people. The truth of the matter is, that Internet dating can provide avenues to meeting some really great and normal people out there.

Surprisingly there are some things that you can tell over the Internet to see if someone is wasting your time or is a complete psycho which Ill cover quickly from here. Click here to read more »