The Difference Between Real and Fake Indifference

A big part of what I talk about revolves around this idea of indifference.  Now, this can be quite tricky to apply if you don’t understand the basic premise behind it. I often see and observe men who have read a pick up book or have seen a cool 5 minute video on youtube and want to try out this whole “Act like I’m disinterested even though I really am”. And, usually it backfires in their face leaving the girl irritated, confused, and thinking “What is with that dude?” Heck, I’ve even seen my own brother try to do it with his current girlfriend, and I just shake my head and say to him, “She’ll see straight through it”. And, guess what? She usually does.

So, what is it about faking indifference that can go so terribly wrong? Click here to read more »

How To Get The One You Want … Or Not.

Problem: You really like this ONE girl, but for some reason you don’t know how to spark her interest. And, the harder you try, the more futile it appears to become. I get the same emails from a variety of different men all with the same fundamental problem, which I want to handle once and for all.

So, I ask you one question: Why this girl?

And, I’m sure that you will notice your mind start to spit out all sorts of different reasons. She is so funny, great, kind, attractive, different, etc. Some of you may find yourself drifting into some mental coma fantasy, dreaming about all the wonderful things you like and would like to do with this woman. Some of you may not even know what you like about this woman. In fact, all you may know is that you have the hots for her bad.

So, this leads me to the second problem I see. You like this girl and you have no freaking idea on how to get her interested in you. You don’t know how she feels. You don’t know how to spark her interest. You don’t know how to get her to breakup with her boyfriend and start dating you etc. Click here to read more »

Trouble Shooting: The Shit Test

A reader asks …
I am getting kind of confused with how to deal with this “sh*t testing.” It seems like it would be hard to find that balance between being an understanding and “not taking the sh*t from the girl.”

At the understanding side, someone could take that too far and end up being a door mat. But, on “not taking the sh*t from the girl” side, someone could take that too far and come across as insensitive of what the girl is going through or why she is reacting in that way. Thanks again,

Matt, I would say that you really need to assess the situation. I can’t give you a manual on all the situations a woman will engage in that will indicate that she is sh*t testing you. The action could be the same – yet the intention she has for it could be different. This is where you are really going to have to use your judgment.

It’s not a matter of, “Why is she really sh*t testing me” and more of a matter of, “How do I choose to respond to this?” If you always choose to respond with presence – you will win 100% of the time. Click here to read more »

Misconceptions of the Alpha Male!

When learning how to develop attraction with a woman, one of the first things that you are told is to learn to develop Alpha Male characteristics or become the ultimate alpha man.

And then usually the description you will here will be the antithesis of everything that a Beta Male represents. Therefore you hear that an Alpha Male is the exact opposite of a man that is wussy, approval seeking, predictable, needy, indecisive and uncertain about himself and the experiences around him.

So does that really mean that an Alpha Male is unpredictable, strongly dominant, a risk taker, outspoken and loves the centre of attention?

I think that there is a huge risk is assuming that an Alpha is just the pure opposite to a Beta male. Especially since there is only a small minority of people who could really be classified an ultra Alpha and ultra Beta. Majority of people are on a medium of this scale. The risk also comes from the fact that to truly create and maintain interest with a woman, one must display certain Alpha (dominance, leadership, assertiveness) and certain Beta characteristics (compassion, empathy, understanding, supportiveness). One must learn to appreciate both.

I was reading an on by Ross Jefferies who gave me inspiration from this post. Here is what he says … Click here to read more »

The ONE Reason Why Pick Up Techniques Don’t Work For MEN!

Firstly a word about understanding women. Women are one of those things that you either “get” or you don’t “get”.

When you “get” it … when you know what attracts them, turns them on, keeps them interested and happy …. then the only problem you’ll really have, is finding the right kind of woman that is available and can keep up with you.

Still a problem. But a better quality problem.

Now if you don’t get it(and I know there are a lot of guys that fall into this category) understanding, dating and maintaining women can be a futile as a fat kid trying to go on health kick.

You know what you want, but you don’t think you can have it. At one point you think you have it all figured out and then *WHAM!* she throws out a wild card.

So how can we solve this problem? Well simply put, you must get yourself to the point where you “get” women. Now I’m a full supporter of the PUA or the Pick UP Artist community. Because learning about, attracting and dating, really is a skill. However I have to add here, that technique isn’t all you need.
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Its Not Between Bad Boys and Nice Guys Anymore

I have to admit this was a distinction that a respected member on the forum RSDNation “Rockavon” made on one of his posts.

I love rsdnation. Its a great high traffic forum filled with aspiring “Pick Up Artists” as well as high quality instructors which facilitates some great quality content, and pretty much everything you would want to know or would need to know about how to get better with women.

So I know we have many debates about the Bad Boy vs Nice Guy. Well I’m here to talk about a paradigm shift and to say that maybe its neither that is getting the girls.

So if its not the bad boys. And its not the nice guys. Who is really winning? Well the Good Guy. Rockavon shares some of the characteristics of a Good Guy.

Boys and Girls, please read on and tell me what you think.

The Good Guy

He gets out of the house and is really social.

He uses his value based reality to naturally become selective.

He encourages the girl to GAME him.
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Don’t Blame Me .. Blame YOURSELF!

Ever noticed someone say a comment about their dating life like ” All the good men are taken”, “I just can’t seem to find a nice guy”, “All the hot girls are snobs”, “Everyone wants to be my friend, yet no-one wants to date me” …..

You know I could go on and on and on and on ….

But really the list is endless.

Well here is what I have to say about that.

You are putting it on YOURSELF and the only one to blame for getting whatever it is that you are getting is YOU.

And YES in case you didn’t notice. I can be blunt. In fact I like being blunt.

Because it gets your attention.

So here is the thing that I wanted to share with you guys. Whatever it is that you expect out of your relationships is what you are going to get. Because that is all that you are going to see.

Want me to share something really kool with you.

ok so here goes. Click here to read more »

The ONE Man That All Women LOVE!

Three Words

Bond … James Bond …

Yep. I’m officially putting it out there. James Bond. He totally does it for me.

But I seem to find it hard to say that all James Bonds are equally as hot as each other. I mean because while the character of him is the same, the different actors all add a different flavor to him.

N here is the little secret that I’m going to let you in one. I have not been a fan of James Bond. I mean none of them really did it for it. I found Pierce Brosnan to be a little slow and really not that hot.

But this new Bond. Our current Bond. Daniel Craig. Well he has just got it down pat. Now HE is one hot guy who has the attitude of an ultimate natural or well developed pick up artist.

Throughout the movie Casino Royale there were some fabulous lines that were cracked that just made me chuckle and which I found delightfully funny. Click here to read more »

The Ultimate Cube Spoiler!

For those of that are reading this post for the first time. Then read “I Just Got Cubed, Now It’s Your Turn“. Because otherwise this is seriously going to be a bit of a spoiler!

So for those of you that have already had a look at my first post. Then here are the results. N sorry that I kept some of you waiting!!

The landscape represents how you see your world. Are there mountains in the distance that are blocking your view. Is it lush and green? How do you feel within this landscape. Is it welcoming?

The cube actually represents yourself =) So remember to note the relation of the cube to the landscape. Is it big or small? The position of the cube is also important. Floating cubes actually represent ideas people, who can be a little lofty. Solid cubes signify stability. The color is also important as well. But more importantly its how you feel about that color. When you look at that cube, do you feel peaceful or happy. Some of the cubes that I have come across, are big sandstone cubes. Floating cubes on a point. Cubes which are hollow with doors at the top. Click here to read more »