Attracting Women How You Were Suppose To!

Haven’t you guys heard enough from me about my thoughts and insights about attracting men?

Wouldn’t you like to here how a guy does it, and does it well, in a natural and completely confident way?

Well don’t worry you in luck. One of my very good friends Graham is here to share some tips on how you can start attracting women naturally, like right now.

So lets welcome our guest and be nice! Or not. I’m sure he could handle it =P

Meeting women, interacting with them and dating them successfully all comes down to a combination of your mindset and the skills that you have, to make yourself attractive and interesting to women.

Attraction between men and women is a completely natural thing. The problem for guys who struggle with women is that we get in our own way by repeating ineffective behaviors in our interactions with women that kill this natural attraction. Click here to read more »

Why Don’t You date Youself?! – The Power Of A Magnetic Personality

Lance found me this very cool post called “” which talks about what makes us more attractive to the opposite sex? Well as you know I have a lot of say about this!

So hope you guys ready!! Lets dive into it! …

How many times do we hear people complain that they are single? That they are lonely? That they are just plain desperate? Is it because they are unattractive?

Well in my answer to that I would say Yes and No.

So here is the thing guys.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m going to tell you the truth once and for all… Click here to read more »

Questions Every Girl Is Dying To Know ANSWERED- Part Two

What makes you want to pursue a girl or makes you want to approach her?
Let’s start with the approach. To be honest, I’ve never thought about that …

It is mostly coming from an internal desire, like a spark. You actually see a woman and if you can’t turn your head away. Our paradox is that we feel that desire and the approach anxiety at the same time, so we have to deal with it. Most guys would just walk away at that point, the harder thing to do is to actually beat your approach anxiety and approach the girl.

When you are in an approach situation, you have never met that girl before, so you can’t really know what she is like in person. All you see is how she looks and how she holds herself. Beauty is common, but what really stands out is a girl, that takes care of herself. Go to the gym 2-3 times a week, visit the beauty saloons and etc. you know those stuff better that me, anyway! It will make you feel better and you will have a cooler vibe! Click here to read more »

Questions Girls Are Dying To Know ANSWERED – Part One

Hi everyone,

So have been doing a lot of commenting and blogging recently and came across this blog called Angel Eyes Devil Smile. Its an awesome resource for guys in learning how to interact with women more and there are some great tips and pieces of advice on there. So was talking to the guy that runs it and we came to an agreement for me to ask certain questions that I’m sure a lot of chicks are dying to know and he is going to be answering them!

So lets see what he has to say!

Angel Eyes Devil Smile Response: Not what you were expecting on this blog I know.

But I promised the Hot Alpha Female that I’d answer a few questions for her.

And… I figured we might be able to get a few other comments from other men as well to help alleviate some of the differences between men and women.

Here was her first question? Click here to read more »