Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – 3 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Yeh yeh so women today are more independent that ever before.Yes we have more liberation, yes we can do as much as men can and more.There is really no limit on our success these days.

We can shatter those glass ceilings, kick men in the boardroom, make more money, raise a better family, mulit-task and all with a smile on our face.

We are the new 21st century women.

So why can’t we get dates? Why are we still single? Why has this liberation seem to have left us in the dark?Thats because its not our status, wealth, ambition and independence that keeps us single, its our attitude.

Its about what single life means to us. Its what getting into a relationship ultimately means.Stuff this up and single hood into your 40s-50s-60s is looking like a very possible option.

So what are they?

Well I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I guarantee you that in the 3 minutes it takes to watch this video it is really going to open your eyes.

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Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – 3 Surefire Ways To Get Noticed

Hey Girlies,

Well I’m sure that may of you that are reading this are smart, beautiful go getter girls who have the world at your feet.

But for some reason you can’t seem to get the guys to notice you, give you the attention you deserve and want to start dating you or have a relationship with you.

So are the girls that are being oogled and googled by guys any different from the girls that are not. Is it all just based on looks? AKA being really good looking?

Well I think NOT!

Well thats why I have written 3 surefire ways you can start getting noticed more, not only by guys but by the world.

Kool huh? You girls should try it and let me know how you go.

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Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – How To Undo The Damage Of Having The Conversation

So for this five minute find a man monday’s I’m going to be answering a question one of my readers asked me.

The question was

“How do you recover from having the conversation with your man?”

Here is my response …

Hi Jill(fake name),

This is a great question and I’m sure a lot of my readers are going to benefits from it.

Well the first thing that I would do is back off and stop putting any more pressure on him. He may already be a little freaked out by the whole thing but you really have to determine this by his actions.

Is he calling you less? Is he not as available as much as he used to be? Is he acting weird around you? Or are things pretty much the same?

See the thing is, the reason why I’m so adamant about the NOT having the conversation is because I have been there myself.
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Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – How To Be Popular

So this is the last part of my mini-night club series.

So I’m wondering. Have any of you girls been out to a nightclub and managed to get in, but you just felt like a number in the crowd?

In this video I’m going through some common sense tips and hints as to how you can create social value.

In other words no matter where you are, who you are with, how you can get noticed all the time!

Something you would like to know?

That’s what I thought!

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Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Why Men Don’t Hit On YOU

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of girlfriends who are GORGEOUS. Like seriously, they are HOTT.

But many of them complain that when they head out to a club, they don’t get any attention. Now I just find that a bit strange. Looks are a HUGE FACTOR which will attract the attention of MEN. I mean lets not kid ourselves here.

So if your an attractive woman, why is it that you are not getting the kind of attention you deserve? Or why is it, that only all the sleazy drunken guys hit on you? Well, the answer is more obvious than you think.

So listen in and listen up, because you are going to LOVE this VIDEO!!

For those of you that want to be get up to date here is

Part One
5 Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Part One – How To Pick Men Up At A Club

Part Two
5 Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Part Two – Pick Lines At A Club

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5 Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Part Two – Pick Lines At A Club

So for those of you following my mini nightclubbing series here is the part 2!!

You can see part one here


Pick up lines, pick up lines, pick up lines.Here I show you 3 pick up lines I used that were absolutely ridiculous and still worked when approaching a guy.

This is for all the shy girls out there who are scared to even talk to a guy. I know you are out there!Why do I suggest playing this small and harmless game?

First because it shows you that men are NOT INTIMIDATING. Second because it shows how amazingly friendly men are. Thirdly because it shows that there are still GREAT men out there. Fourthly because it gets you out of your comfort zone. Fifth because it requires you to flirt like CRAZYY!!

So in other words it SHATTERS all the crappy excuses we use as to why we can’t get or find a man.

Seeing my point now? So for those that are curious check it out, what is there to lose right?

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

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5 Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Part One – How To Pick Men Up At A Club

Girls girls girls. So I’m sure that all of you have been out clubbing or to the bars before. Maybe some of you still do it a lot and others not so much.

Whatever the case, either is fine! Now what usually happens on these nights? Do a lot of you go out to meet men, get oogled and googled but then have no one approach you? or

Have you gone out clubbing and only had the horrible sleazy men hit on you and wondered where all the more quality ones are? In this video I set the “scene” to a 4 part video series (2 per week). I explain a “pick up game”, that you can choose to use not only at a nightclub but anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

I show you how you can have a really great fun night which involves harmless flirting and no promise of anything you don’t want.

If you wanna know what it is, you’ll just have to watch! For my subscribers, please click here

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Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – All The Good Men Are Taken!

Women, are all the good guys taken? Lets just say that you are single.

You know you are a GREAT catch and you have met your fair few guys, but every guy lately has had SOMETHING that to YOU makes them undateable.

Maybe its just that they are not your physical type, don’t have the right job and just don’t really interest to you.

This is happening so much, that you start to wonder where all the good men went.

So here is the thing.

What if i gave you a paradigm shift and said, that the world is filled with good quality available guys and YOU have to figure out what is stopping you from allowing them into your life?

Meaning to say, its not that there are NO GOOD MEN out there, its just that YOUR expectations are too high.

If you guys want the real and honest truth then its time to watch this video!

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Five Minute Find A Man Monday’s – Why Men Withdraw And What To Do About It

This is my video response to Silvereyed who left me a comment asking for my advice on a guy that she had been dating for 3 months and then all of a sudden decided to stop calling her.

Here I discuss the male mind. Why guys do what they do. And better yet what you can do about it to combat it!

All in 5 Minutes!!!

Don’t you guys just love MONDAYS!

Keep a look at out for Friday because thats when ill be coming out with another post.

Enjoy guys

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Introducing … Find A Man MONDAYS!!!

You asked for it. So now your getting it!

While I was over in the States, some inspiration helped me come up with this idea to tackle a problem!

So what is the solution?

“Find a Man Monday’s!”

Some of you may be thinking … what in the world?!

So here is the deal.

Every Monday … A video blog … By none other than MEEEE!!

Here I’m going to answering some of the top questions you have emailed me!! – email me there …

But because I came up with this brain storm … just this week. I have no questions yet.

So I went to one of my FAV websites

To get some really juicy questions.

What are they? Well I answer …

1) How much predictability you should have when you first start dating someone


3) Who REALLY benefits from Friends with benefits …

Yeh … pretty kool huh? So wat are you waiting for … time to start watching here!!

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