Is There Anything Such As The Perfect Pick Up?

Every week or two I will be answering a question from the website. I personally love this place, there are so many questions, articles and things to do and read that cause a lot of inspiration for this blog.

So one of the questions asked on this was;

Girls, is there the perfect time/place to speak to women? Is there a chance to understand the other gender better?

Answer: Isn’t this the most debated topic like ever? What are the best pickup lines? When is the right time to approach a girl? What are the best things you can say to make yourself look cool?

So here is the thing …

The only reason why guys are where they are is because they have been asking the wrong questions!! …

Picking up and attracting the opposite sex isn’t about the way you look, what lines you use and what car you drive. While I will admit they do help .. they are not the end all. Click here to read more »

Why Smiling Will Get Them Dialing

Girls. Ever wonder why there some chicks that you know, that just seem to be getting all the attention from the guys? They always have someone hitting on them. They always are the first to be picked up at clubs. N pretty much get any guy that they want.

What’s with that? Don’t you find it irritating? Is it because they are better looking? Is it because they have something that you don’t have?

Well yes and no. To the better looking part, well that has something to do with it, but not everything.

But what if I told you, they knew something that you didn’t know …

What if I told you, they did something that you don’t ….

N what is I said, if you figured out what they were doing that you could just get as much attention as your chicky friends could … Click here to read more »

Questions Every Girl Is Dying To Know ANSWERED- Part Two

What makes you want to pursue a girl or makes you want to approach her?
Let’s start with the approach. To be honest, I’ve never thought about that …

It is mostly coming from an internal desire, like a spark. You actually see a woman and if you can’t turn your head away. Our paradox is that we feel that desire and the approach anxiety at the same time, so we have to deal with it. Most guys would just walk away at that point, the harder thing to do is to actually beat your approach anxiety and approach the girl.

When you are in an approach situation, you have never met that girl before, so you can’t really know what she is like in person. All you see is how she looks and how she holds herself. Beauty is common, but what really stands out is a girl, that takes care of herself. Go to the gym 2-3 times a week, visit the beauty saloons and etc. you know those stuff better that me, anyway! It will make you feel better and you will have a cooler vibe! Click here to read more »

Questions Every Girl Is Dying To Know ANSWERED- Part One

Girls, I think you have been waiting for this one! As some of you might know I just completed an interview over at Im2ortal’s Blog where I answered a number of questions that from a female perspective that I’m sure lots of guys would want to know.

So as part of that interview, Im2ortal also agreed to answers some questions that i know there are a lot of girls are dying to know! I’m very excited about it, because its very rare when he get to have a look at what goes on in a guy’s head!

N believe me this guy totally know where he is coming from. So in this two part serious we are going to uncover things such as what guys like in a girl, whether its really true if guys are scared of commitment and what we can do about it!!

Everyone ready? ….

Lets get started! Click here to read more »

Sleek vs Geek – Is There Middle Ground?

This is a highly debated topic. I’ve heard the pros. I’ve heard the cons. But now I want some real answers!

So here is the question guys.

Is there middle ground between a nice guy and a player?

Can you only be one or the other? N if such a person does exist, what would he be like and how does he act?

What do I think? Well my belief is that he does exist, but he is rare. And I believe him to be a guy that is predominantly a nice but has learnt how to create attraction.

I believe him to honestly respect women but he is able to attract a myriad of girls by which he can pick the best one for him. Click here to read more »

Turning The Average Joe Into A Hero – The Art of Picking UP!

Ohhh boys are you going to love this one. I came across a very cool article in the Sunday telegraph called “” that was talking about Attraction Coaches.

See the above picture there? Yeh taken in Sydney at a place where I actually hang out a lot. This guy is a PUA, an attraction coach .. and well what can I say he seems to be doing pretty well.

In fact he does look strangely familiar. I might have seen him working the rooms in the various clubs I go out dancing too. Who knows … Anyways so back to this article …

The aim? An experiment – to see if these so called attraction coaches could talk the talk and walk the walk.

The results? Seconds later they were surrounded by attractive women who were hanging off their every word.

Who wants a piece of that? Well guess what? They even got your average joe guy taught him some tricks of the trade and within a couple of hours they had turned the average guy into a complete chick magnet as well. Click here to read more »

3 Sure Ways To Freak Any Guy Out

This post I have to admit is inspired by Paige Parker the author of the e-book . She sends out a weekly newsletter that always answers some very valuable questions that her readers have.  One of the articles that I was reading from her .. was called “Things that can freak any guy out”.

After I finished a quiet chuckle, it really made me think about this issue.When it comes to dating there are so many rules and so many things that we could get totally wrong. The problem with girls, is that we start acting too needy and too commitment ready.
The problem with guys is that they start acting too needy and too wussy. In some ways you can see the similarities in this situation.But in this post I really wanted to cover some of the things, which I believe chicks do wrong when it comes to casually dating someone. Click here to read more »

Understand The Language That Women Speak

Recently I have been commenting on a relationship blog and there are a number of interesting and somewhat controversial topics that have come up. I have received many responses to on there called “You are going to have to speak “HER” language in getting her to like you”

Here we are debating a number of things mainly about the reason as to why there should be a dating game at all and why women feel they are entitled to continually test men. Here is my response to all the comments I have received.
So lets get something straight first. Dating as a game. It may not be what you guys are all thinking. The dating game is not about a set of rules that one must abide by. It is not about being fake. Its not about having fun by playing with someone’s emotions to make yourself feel better.  Click here to read more »

Dating IS a Game – So Deal With It

I’ve seen so many people complain about the dating game. Complain that there are too many rules and then complain about the fact that there are rules. Common things I hear are “Why cant someone just like me for me” or “Dating rules?? Nah they are all a bunch of rubbish”.

Well sorry to drop the bomb on some of you reading this. But usually people who make those comments, are just frustrated, upset and confused as to why they cant make the game work for them. They don’t understand why someone isn’t interested in them and blame it on the person, rather than looking at what actions they have been doing that might have caused such a response.

Hey I’m here to say something that many of you might not like to hear. Dating IS A GAME, there are RULES and its your job to learn what they are. I’ll let you in on something. There is ONE thing that both guys and girls get wrong in this game.

So I’m going to tell you what they are … are you ready?

So for the guys. The single thing that you guys do wrong, most or all of the time, is to be too nice. You know the saying “Nice guys finish last” … well I reckon that a chick said that .. and she was talking about YOU! Click here to read more »

Guys – Why I Have Some Great News For You!

Ok so confession number one. I love tall guys. For me they instantly stand out to me. Ok well that was me just stating the obvious. I even have this list of attributes of how my ideal guy would look like. But at the end of the day, that all goes flying out the door, when you come across a guy that knows how to build attraction.

I mean I have written so many posts on here, about how important it is. The thing is, it’s a powerful thing, that a guys looks goes completely out the door. I mean provided the guy doesn’t look like an alien, when you are attracted to somebody, looks are almost secondary. God forbid sometimes when you meet someone who is “not attractive”…. Somehow becomes kind of cute .. And then kind of hot. Like what is with that?! Click here to read more »