Why Won’t He Approach Me? 3 Secrets Which Will Make You Irresistibly Approachable!

So I want to talk about that friend you have. You know your girlfriend who seems to have guys hovering around her 24/7 waiting to pounce.

The girl who doesn’t seem to be doing anything in particularly special to attract the males species.

You know, that girl that drives you insanely jealous. Sure she is hot. You tell yourself you wish you had her legs, her butt, her boobs, her beauty mole, her perfectly straight teeth etc, etc.

Yes looks help.

But it is not the one holy answer to all questions. In fact there are plenty of hot women who don’t get approached at all (but that’s another story). So if its not entirely down to just looks, then what else could be at play?

You want the real reason why people don’t approach you? Its real simple.
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The ONE Reason Why Pick Up Techniques Don’t Work For MEN!

Firstly a word about understanding women. Women are one of those things that you either “get” or you don’t “get”.

When you “get” it … when you know what attracts them, turns them on, keeps them interested and happy …. then the only problem you’ll really have, is finding the right kind of woman that is available and can keep up with you.

Still a problem. But a better quality problem.

Now if you don’t get it(and I know there are a lot of guys that fall into this category) understanding, dating and maintaining women can be a futile as a fat kid trying to go on health kick.

You know what you want, but you don’t think you can have it. At one point you think you have it all figured out and then *WHAM!* she throws out a wild card.

So how can we solve this problem? Well simply put, you must get yourself to the point where you “get” women. Now I’m a full supporter of the PUA or the Pick UP Artist community. Because learning about, attracting and dating, really is a skill. However I have to add here, that technique isn’t all you need.
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Do You Like Dating People With More Problems Than YOU?

So here is the thing. Dating is this fast paced, confusing and messy place at times. It can send you to the heights of happiness/excitement when you meet someone great to the depths of sadness/anger when it doesn’t work out. It can be one of those highly frustrating but truly rewarding journey’s especially when you find a good guy or girl.

But before we get to that part, I want to talk about a pitfall that a lot of people get themselves into and find it hard to dig themselves out. What I have noticed the most is that WE are the ones that make our dating lives complicated.
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Attracting Women How You Were Suppose To!

Haven’t you guys heard enough from me about my thoughts and insights about attracting men?

Wouldn’t you like to here how a guy does it, and does it well, in a natural and completely confident way?

Well don’t worry you in luck. One of my very good friends Graham is here to share some tips on how you can start attracting women naturally, like right now.

So lets welcome our guest and be nice! Or not. I’m sure he could handle it =P

Meeting women, interacting with them and dating them successfully all comes down to a combination of your mindset and the skills that you have, to make yourself attractive and interesting to women.

Attraction between men and women is a completely natural thing. The problem for guys who struggle with women is that we get in our own way by repeating ineffective behaviors in our interactions with women that kill this natural attraction. Click here to read more »

Why Your In The FriendZone and How To Get OUT!

Ok so here is the thing. I get a ton of emails from girls and (mainly) guys who have someone in their life who is a close friend, but who they secretly want to date.

What do I mean by secretly. Well simply that! This “friend” has NO freaking idea that you like them, or would want to “get to know them” in that way.

So what am I really describing here? Well NO OTHER than the “FriendZone!”. Being called a friend by someone that you “like” might as well as be the kiss of death.

But if some of you have thrown yourself in that basket anyways, then I guess I could lend a helping hand.

In this you-tube video I’m going to tell you why you are in the FriendZone and THEN what you can do to get out of it and avoid it at all costs in the future.

Ready when you are =)

to check out the video

Hot Alpha Female

Attraction Attraction Attraction … Is It Really A Choice?

This was an extra long tweet that I wrote last night and I thought I would love to have your opinion on it too!

“Attraction Isn’t A Choice” – How true is this statement really? Read away and let me know.

@charleshercules: Well dude I could like go and on about attraction, but let me put it as simply as I can.

Attraction isn’t a choice. I believe that for men and women this is very true.

How do you exactly explain it? Well let me give you an example.

Say you have a female friend who is attractive, intelligent and quite frankly you would date her, in fact you like her and WANT to date her.

You are friends and you flirt occasionally and have a really good time together. You think the more time you spend with her, the more things you buy her, the more she is going to like you. Click here to read more »

I Really Like Him – Now What?!

Ok, so lets admit it. There are some times when you meet a guy and you are “Just So INTO Him”.

You met, had a great time, really enjoyed his company and now your all caught up in fantasizing what a great boyfriend he will be, where you will get married and the names of your future children.

Some of you may laugh … but very often this is the trap that a lot of women fall into.

Maybe not so much to that extreme, but when we like a guy most of the time, we are at least sizing him up, of how great he will be in a relationship, in the your life and in bed =)

Most of the time, we are jumping about 10 years ahead and thinking about what it would be like to grow old together and yet you still don’t even know his last name.

You are thinking of marrying the guy and you don’t even know his favorite food or that really irritating habit he has of biting his finger nails that you simply cannot stand.

So what am I getting at exactly?
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Hot Alpha Female and Rejection First Hand! Preview

Ok so a lot of you guys email me asking me how you can overcome rejection.

I’ve made video posts, blog entries and talked myself black and blue about how to overcome it.

Recently I just had an experience which put me back in line with that fear. And really allowed me to empathize and relate with you guys more.

In fact. I spend the last 3 days dealing with rejection severely. And it made me remember how gripping that fear was.

Because here is the thing, rejection is something that we are not only going to experience when it comes to the dating arena, its related to every other part of your life.

Business, family, career, social …. you name it … fear of rejection is hidden in there somewhere.

Life is all about figuring out what you want and then developing to courage to go out and get it!

So in the next blog post coming out on Monday, I’m going to share with you, how I did have to approach and get rejected to many strangers, hot strangers might I add … and how in the end I was able to overcome this approach anxiety and reach my desired outcome.

Stay tuned for Monday guys!

Hot Alpha Female

Women Vs Men – Who Is Really Behaving Badly?

Women and men, both behave badly when it comes to relationships.

No-one is worse than the other, we are equally as bad as eachother.

But from what I can tell men are blaming women and men are blaming women.

Instead of uncovering the truth we run around eachother, creating scenarios, situations, reasons as to why it is not our fault.

The blame game is so on. And the competition is fierce.

So while I don’t really want to go in and fuel this debate, I want to clarify some of the excuses men and women say to themselves that prevents them for taking responsibilities for their own dating lives.

I don’t think that there is anyone to blame. But I do think that we have a responsibility to ourselves to discover and live the real truth.

But then again. If you want we can have a debate about who behaves worse than the other. You know, just for the fun of it.

So now I’m putting forth my case!

Here goes …
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Its Not Between Bad Boys and Nice Guys Anymore

I have to admit this was a distinction that a respected member on the forum RSDNation “Rockavon” made on one of his posts.

I love rsdnation. Its a great high traffic forum filled with aspiring “Pick Up Artists” as well as high quality instructors which facilitates some great quality content, and pretty much everything you would want to know or would need to know about how to get better with women.

So I know we have many debates about the Bad Boy vs Nice Guy. Well I’m here to talk about a paradigm shift and to say that maybe its neither that is getting the girls.

So if its not the bad boys. And its not the nice guys. Who is really winning? Well the Good Guy. Rockavon shares some of the characteristics of a Good Guy.

Boys and Girls, please read on and tell me what you think.

The Good Guy

He gets out of the house and is really social.

He uses his value based reality to naturally become selective.

He encourages the girl to GAME him.
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