Review #1 “Become Unbreakable Program”

I recently had the privilege of going through “” which is a DVD course for men which really takes you through the myths of what women want and builds your awareness of what you need to do to BECOME the man that your desired woman wants. Usually I’m not that interested in the various different programs available on the internet or via the pickup community – simply because a lot of them solely focus on “techniques” rather than the underlying causes which are creating the problems in the first place.

Many programs are simply band aid’s instead of the cure. Going through this program however, completely changed my mind. I was so excited going through some of the content that was covered here. They not only talk about the female psychology but how to cultivate more value in your own life and communicate this to the people around you. This stuff is deep. This stuff is advanced.

This course taught me things about what it means to “be a woman” and “what turns me on”. It was mind-blowing!! I know a lot of you guys are quite advanced and thoroughly engaged in personal development.

If you want to take your understanding of women to the next level and have some strategies which you can apply to really get you there – I highly recommend this course.

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Review # 2 “Girlfriend Activation System”

Girlfriend Activation System - A Female Perspective

Just type in the same keywords above and you will find a whole bunch of reviews about the “Girlfriend Activation System” (which I will now refer to as GFAS because let’s face it, that’s a mouthful!) So, what will you get out of this review that you won’t get out of the others? That my friend, is the question and here is my answer. I’m a woman. And, in this review I’ll share with you:

1) What I learned about attraction and picking a boyfriend while going through this system
2) Whether these principles in GFAS work on me, my friends, and the women I encounter.

Now, before I go any further let me just state one thing. I’m not really a fan of things that claim that they are step-by-step systems on attracting women, dating women, or sleeping with women. To think that the attraction process can be broken down into a set of instructions that will work on ANY women – kind of kills the romance for me.

But with that said, I do understand that there are certain things that men can do and be – which trigger attraction within a woman that she herself doesn’t even understand. When this happens women can react in an almost automatic way and this indeed fascinates me.

What I am a real fan of is programs that not only cover “technique” but that also have a strong teaching basis on mindset and inner game (hello? Anyone read my blog?) In order to move forward in this process I believe you need both.

So, let’s get on with this review.

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