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What You Need To Know Before You Date Younger Women

There is no doubt that the appeal of dating younger women is clearly obvious. Whether it be their incredible physical form; vibrant and spontaneous nature; or hope and enthusiasm they hold for dating, love, and life. However, there are some things to keep in mind about younger women and what they are going through this time period in their lives. Knowing what these are can help you develop and maintain attraction; anticipate their needs; and minimize drama and shit testing.

Shaping their identity and finding their place in the world
Women in the 18-24 age range are fresh out of home or college and ready to hit the big bad world until they realize that they have absolutely no idea about what goes on it in.

Finally, the veil of protection given by their parents and various educational institutions starts to lift, and they are left to their own devices to craft a life that they feel suits them and that they can gladly call their own.

As part of this transitional identity forming stage of their lives comes a highly idealistic perception backed with high expectations of what they think and feel life should be about. Ironically, some of these expectations about dating, love, and life are crafted from unreliable sources like: romantic comedies, travel brochures, or sitcoms aimed at selling them a dream that few can actually accomplish, or that many will eventually find unfulfiling. This is a time for experimentation, exploration, searching, and hope. For many young women, this is a time to: feel free, party, embrace the world full tilt, and spend time finding out what it is they actually like or feel is important in their lives. What a wonderful time it is to be with a woman in this period of her life. She can act spontaneous; eagerly try new things; and feel truly optimistic about the happiness and joy that love can bring her. Whether her goals are to settle down with the right man, charge ahead with her career, or travel the world – her enthusiasm for these things will be captivating to any man. Click here to read more »

The 90/10 Rule: Doing vs Being

“Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.”
- Thomas Fuller

In recent months, I have taken on board a number of coaching clients that has allowed me to gain more insight into what many of you guys are struggling with.

While initially all my clients have been focused on getting things “done” and learning “new skills”, I am always steering them in what may seem the opposite direction. That being: developing their character, blasting through their limiting beliefs, and helping them take the focus off external circumstances they cannot control and back onto internal processes which puts them in the driver’s seat.

As part of this process, there is one fundamental misunderstanding that the majority of men make when learning the process of connecting and interacting with women. That fact is that women don’t date men based on ONE particular skill or quality. When women are in the process of selecting a mate, they are looking for an “entire package”. And, no — not the one that you may be thinking of. Therefore, the focus should not be on getting one component exactly right, but getting the right amount of components together and integrating them fully.

Let’s take the example of the iceberg. Now, the point behind the iceberg theory is that only 10% of the actual iceberg is visible from above the water. While a massive 90% is beneath the water.

Now, back to the dating world, what accounts for the 10% and the 90%? Click here to read more »

How to get that special girl interested in you …

“A pedestal is as much a prison as any small, confined space.”
~ Gloria Steinem

Now, if this was a “pick up” blog I would be saying, “Why have one girl when you can have 10?” And, then proceed to tell you all the benefits of what having 10 girlfriends would be. But for anyone who has actually had more than ONE girlfriend at a time, the reality is it creates more problems than it does benefits. But that is besides the point, because the point is that the majority of you are looking to get the interest of ONE particular woman.

So, here is the best way in which you can attract that one woman into your life. First, it’s your (good old) mindset. It’s your attitude and your inner game. Now, I know this is the boring answer and I know that some of you just wished for once I would say, “Here is this bright shiny blue pill and if you just take it, the girl of your dreams will be in your arms and you will live happily ever after”. But as you know, life let alone dating women is not like that – AT ALL.

So, yes, it’s all about your mindset baby! In fact, there are complete programs out there that ONLY focus on helping you develop the mindset to attract and keep a woman in your life. And, if it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for you. So let’s get to it!

You know what makes a fantasy so appealing? The fact that it’s a fantasy! And, usually the basis of any fantasy is intense focus on only ONE SIDE of the equation. And, as you know life is always working in balance. So, it’s not that the balance doesn’t exist, it’s just that the fantasy prevents you from seeing the other side. If you could see what you want from a balanced perspective, then you would take the fantasy off it’s pedestal and more than likely set a realistic plan to accomplish your goals which YOU BELIEVED was possible.

Which brings me to this idea:

Most of you guys say that you want to get that one special girl, but MOST of you don’t believe that you really can get her.

Some of you don’t believe you are worthy to get a girl like that. Some of you think that you are going to need to work extra hard and be super perfect to attract a girl like that into your life and to keep her there. Click here to read more »

Steve Jobs and Dating …

In 2005 Steve Jobs did a speech to a huge cast of college graduates. What he shared with them were some principles which were potentially life transforming.

There was one in particular that I truly connected with. And, it’s one that I believe will help you over your FEARS when you feel like: everything is on the line.

Perspective changes our world. And, that changes everything.

Hot Alpha Female

How Does A Girl Like “That” Date A Guy Like Me?

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.

I know “that” woman you are talking about. Ok, maybe not personally, but I know that you think she is the one woman or the one kind of woman that would really make all your dreams come true. Maybe she is uber hot. Maybe she is seriously sexy. Maybe you think you would have a killer connection with her. Fill in the blanks however you please.

Whether it’s a celebrity fantasy like Kim Kardashian, Angeline Jolie, Megan Fox or Jessica Alba; or it’s the girl next door; the girl at work; the best friend who you want to get to know in the “other way” – the same question keeps coming up.

“How do I get a girl like “that” to date a guy like me?”

Which is usually followed by a whole bunch of reasons your “mind” makes up which disqualifies you from dating a woman like this. In fact, the mind is a very powerful thing. And, even if a woman like “that” was interested in you – with that current mindset either you wouldn’t see it, or you would sabotage the process so a girl like “that” would eventually lose interest in you.

Now, I’m not going to go on another rant about how important mindset and self esteem is when attracting and dating good quality women (or maybe I am). I would suggest that if you can’t relate to any of what I’m saying – it’s probably because you have grown beyond this point. Congratulations. For everyone else .. keep reading. Click here to read more »

Q&A: Are women less logical than men?

You can visit this newly created page <here> to view other frequently asked questions about dating, relating and attracting women.

I get this asked all the time. HAF, are women less logical than men? And, how do you reason with their logic?

I believe that both and women can be irrational or illogical at times and it’s really dependent on “who is more logical” but more on “who is emotionally mature”.

The more emotionally mature a man or woman: the greater lines of communication; the more rational relationship behavior is; and the greater opportunity for real intimacy to arise.

A big part of this, is selecting a woman who does not LIVE in “high maintenance drama mode”. This ultimately, will have an impact on the way that you live your life and experience your relationship with any woman.

Part of this, is realizing that no matter how great you think this woman is: she may be using her emotional immaturity and drama to control you. So be aware of it and don’t fall for it.

Hope you guys enjoyed QandA week. Please feel free to write other questions you have below and I’ll answer the most popular ones next month.

Be in touch with you all again soon,

Hot Alpha Female.

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One Word That All Women HATE …

The image is one thing and the human being is another.
It’s very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.

~Elvis Presley

Is it possible that ALL women could hate one word? I would say yes. Yet, it’s a word that women constantly use behind each others back and the real secret is that some women want to act in this manner with their man – behind closed doors.

So, “what is this word?” you ask. Are you ready for it?


It’s a word that is probably more hurtful than calling her a bitch BUT “whore” comes in close second. What does a woman experience when this word is associated with her? Probably the same amount of horror you would experience if someone yelled out in a public street, “He has a tiny penis!” and started pointing and laughing at you.

It’s part of the fear of being called this by other women (and men) that causes women to act in specific ways deigned to help build an image of themselves which may be far from the truth. So, it means it can cause her to say one thing and appear to mean the opposite. Because of this word, women feel a need to maintain a certain positive image. Ever wonder what all the jokes are about when a woman has an argument that she is always right? Women feel an enormous pressure to be perfect, which implies being right all the time.

Many women fear that if they do not live up to a specific image, then they might be rejected and labeled as an outcast. This might impact their chances of finding a really good man OR getting help when they need it. This is a fear that runs in the background. It’s part of a basic instinct reaction to survive in a social environment. Click here to read more »

Q&A: Do I have to Lie to attract a woman?

This video is tackling the question, “Do I have to Lie to a woman to attract her?”

Well, firstly what do you feel a need to lie about to woman? Why would she not be attracted to or turned on by the truth. I would say it’s the fact that people are dishonest today which are killing their chances with women.

Being the truest to yourself and your intentions will blow some women out of the water and attract more women into your life that you can handle all at the same time.

Keep a look out for the next video coming out week answering the question, “Are women less logical than men?”

Please write your comments down below. I would love to know what they are.

If you want more on how to being a man and attracting women <click here>

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P.S. Music by James Holland called “Hot Alpha Female” and you can listen to the full song

Why You DON’T Need A Girlfriend …

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into
the complete person you were intended to be.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

Some of you might be thinking, “Ummmmm, that’s the only reason why I’m here” (hey, I had to use something to grab your attention didn’t I?) Before, I go on to explain why you don’t need a girlfriend, let me share some research I was reading the other day.

Apparently, a researcher concluded that when a wife dies, the husband is likely to follow soon there after. Yet if the husband dies, the wife is likely to live on.

Talk about being completely unfair! So, why does this happen? Well, another research project concluded that men and women tend to have different quality of relationships.

Meaning, women tend to have multiple emotionally intimate relationships – so, they will confide in their husband, their friend, their cousin, the guy next door etc. Whereas men tend to emotionally rely on their wife for emotional intimacy – and only confide in their wife for the most part.

Talk about emotional fidelity.

So in lay man’s terms what does this mean? Your girlfriend, partner, wife has more emotional outlets which she can express her feelings and share her thoughts, whereas men usually rely on their intimate partner to confide in. Click here to read more »