If you are wanting to take your learning and the results with women to a new level here are a few of my programs that are avaliable. I’m confident that all of my offers and programs will deliver as promised and therefore each of them come back with a full money back guarantee (some with a double money back) – so there is NO RISK on your behalf.


Secrets to Gauging and Triggering A Woman’s Attraction – Guide.

This guide will offer you a great place to start in learning the basics about attracting and understanding women. In addition to this guide you will automatically join as one of my VIP customers and get instant access to my 30 day E-course “10 most riveting insights into the female mind”. I designed this E-course to allow ANY man (whether beginner or advanced) to access valuable insights into the female mind that maybe NO-ONE has ever dared to tell them before.

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*Note: “3 Biggest Myths on Attracting Women” – was the original (3 page) version of “Secrets of Gauging and Triggering A Woman’s Attraction” (updated to 11 pages and renamed).

Triple Your Attraction System

This course is designed to cover the basics of attraction and to answer some of the most commonly asked questions by men who are struggling to understand and attract women.  Creating and building attraction does not involve learning a whole bunch of lines and techniques. This program is designed to build your understanding, build your confidence, and help to triple your attraction factor when it comes to women (over a 4 week period). With written, video, and audio modules it’s suitable for people of all learning styles.

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Here is feedback from a reader who has purchased both the Guide and this Triple Your Attraction System.