Understanding The Opposite Sex

Misconceptions of the Alpha Male!

When learning how to develop attraction with a woman, one of the first things that you are told is to learn to develop Alpha Male characteristics or become the ultimate alpha man.

And then usually the description you will here will be the antithesis of everything that a Beta Male represents. Therefore you hear that an Alpha Male is the exact opposite of a man that is wussy, approval seeking, predictable, needy, indecisive and uncertain about himself and the experiences around him.

So does that really mean that an Alpha Male is unpredictable, strongly dominant, a risk taker, outspoken and loves the centre of attention?

I think that there is a huge risk is assuming that an Alpha is just the pure opposite to a Beta male. Especially since there is only a small minority of people who could really be classified an ultra Alpha and ultra Beta. Majority of people are on a medium of this scale. The risk also comes from the fact that to truly create and maintain interest with a woman, one must display certain Alpha (dominance, leadership, assertiveness) and certain Beta characteristics (compassion, empathy, understanding, supportiveness). One must learn to appreciate both.

I was reading an on askmen.com by Ross Jefferies who gave me inspiration from this post. Here is what he says … Click here to read more »

The Hitch Myth: All You Need Is Three Dates …

Myth: Once you rope a woman you are in – you don’t have to maintain her …

Ever had this experience. Walking up to a chick, somehow catching her attention and then not knowing what to say, how to act or how to move the conversation you are having with her into a “date” or a “lets catch up again some time again”. What about this. Going on a couple of dates with a girl, using some cocky funny humour, telling her some funny stories, charming her with your learned “alpha male characteristics” and then wondering … oh F**K what do I do next? Or oh F**K, I’ve used up all my material! Or oh F**K now she is interested in me, how do I keep this going?

Do you just keep doing the same stuff that you have always been doing? Can you just use the same material over and over again and hope that she isn’t like a normal human being who actually needs and desires some sense of variety and excitement?

I mean attracting a woman is going to be your biggest hurdle right? I mean once you have her attracted to her, its all smooth sailing. Its all hugs and kisses and minimal drama. Its all handled. Like you were the dog, she was the car and now you caught her … right?! Click here to read more »

How To Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You …

I know it can be confusing sometimes as to whether or not a woman is interested in you. I want to stop the guessing game!

In this I’m going to share with you, what are the most obvious signs that she is attracted to you. No hair flicking and eye fluttering that can sometimes be a little too subtle, that you miss it. These are things that are BLINDING Obvious she is attracted to you and what 99% of women engage in when attraction strikes them!

I will cover two core topics, how she shows her attraction through her ACTIONS and how she shows her attraction through her WORDS!

Hot Alpha Female

How To Really Attract Women Revisited!

About 2 years I created a about “how to really attract women” – It continues to be one of my most popular dating you tube videos.

Since that time, I have come to some new distinctions which can really help men attract women. I’ve realised that it is not based on all the techniques, but rather its about developing a particular mindset about yourself and women, which in turn will magnetize women to you.

Here are the top three tips I discuss in this

1) Be proactive and keep pushing for the next step. Resistance is part of the process.

2) Be transparent, you have a unique personality so use it! Get comfortable with who you are, its all you’ve got.

3) Blow as many women out of the water. Get it out of your system. Take the pressure off. Give yourself the approval that you are seeking.

Enjoy guys,

Hot Alpha Female

Why Does She Keep Dumping Me?

I’m sure there are many of YOU guys who have gone through a breakup – where the girl has clearly dumped you.

Breakups in general suck! But if its a different girl, but the same situation over and over again, then there has to be something “Your” doing to contribute the ultimate ending of your relationship.

If you can get her, thats one thing, but can you really keep her, because that in itself is the ultimate skill.

Jay and I don’t really believe in rules. But more guidelines, ways of thinking and principles. In this video we address some hot issues like;
*Why girls like straight to your face and get away with it.

*The truth about “being yourself” and what really works.

*What are some attractive factors that keep a girl interested and begging for MORE MORE MORE!

Next post is coming out on Friday! – Cheating, To Tell or Not To Tell ….

Do You Like Dating People With More Problems Than YOU?

So here is the thing. Dating is this fast paced, confusing and messy place at times. It can send you to the heights of happiness/excitement when you meet someone great to the depths of sadness/anger when it doesn’t work out. It can be one of those highly frustrating but truly rewarding journey’s especially when you find a good guy or girl.

But before we get to that part, I want to talk about a pitfall that a lot of people get themselves into and find it hard to dig themselves out. What I have noticed the most is that WE are the ones that make our dating lives complicated.
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Attracting Women How You Were Suppose To!

Haven’t you guys heard enough from me about my thoughts and insights about attracting men?

Wouldn’t you like to here how a guy does it, and does it well, in a natural and completely confident way?

Well don’t worry you in luck. One of my very good friends Graham is here to share some tips on how you can start attracting women naturally, like right now.

So lets welcome our guest and be nice! Or not. I’m sure he could handle it =P

Meeting women, interacting with them and dating them successfully all comes down to a combination of your mindset and the skills that you have, to make yourself attractive and interesting to women.

Attraction between men and women is a completely natural thing. The problem for guys who struggle with women is that we get in our own way by repeating ineffective behaviors in our interactions with women that kill this natural attraction. Click here to read more »

Why Picky Women – Never Get Dates They Want

Yes. That’s right. You heard me. I did just say that.

Now for the women reading this who are getting a little infuriated at my title heading I urge you to stay with me and keep reading on …

Because you are the kind of woman, that needs help. Right now your probably thinking of 1000 reasons that completely justify your right to be picky, bitchy and a little hissy.

Think I’m wrong. Well let me just regurgitate a typical conversation I’ll have with a woman about men.

“There is no one out there that is worth dating

“All the good looking men are gay or taken”

“All the guys that are interested in me, I’m not interested in them”

“Guys are really confusing”

“I really don’t understand men”
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Why Your In The FriendZone and How To Get OUT!

Ok so here is the thing. I get a ton of emails from girls and (mainly) guys who have someone in their life who is a close friend, but who they secretly want to date.

What do I mean by secretly. Well simply that! This “friend” has NO freaking idea that you like them, or would want to “get to know them” in that way.

So what am I really describing here? Well NO OTHER than the “FriendZone!”. Being called a friend by someone that you “like” might as well as be the kiss of death.

But if some of you have thrown yourself in that basket anyways, then I guess I could lend a helping hand.

In this you-tube video I’m going to tell you why you are in the FriendZone and THEN what you can do to get out of it and avoid it at all costs in the future.

Ready when you are =)

to check out the video

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Attraction Attraction Attraction … Is It Really A Choice?

This was an extra long tweet that I wrote last night and I thought I would love to have your opinion on it too!

“Attraction Isn’t A Choice” – How true is this statement really? Read away and let me know.

@charleshercules: Well dude I could like go and on about attraction, but let me put it as simply as I can.

Attraction isn’t a choice. I believe that for men and women this is very true.

How do you exactly explain it? Well let me give you an example.

Say you have a female friend who is attractive, intelligent and quite frankly you would date her, in fact you like her and WANT to date her.

You are friends and you flirt occasionally and have a really good time together. You think the more time you spend with her, the more things you buy her, the more she is going to like you. Click here to read more »