Girlfriend Activation System - A Female Perspective

Just type in the same keywords above and you will find a whole bunch of reviews about the “” (which I will now refer to as GFAS because let’s face it, that’s a mouthful!) So, what will you get out of this review that you won’t get out of the others? That my friend, is the question and here is my answer. I’m a woman. And, in this review I’ll share with you:

— What I learned about attraction and picking a boyfriend while going through this system


— Whether these principles in GFAS work on me, my friends, and the women I encounter

Now, before I go any further let me just state one thing. I’m not really a fan of things that claim that they are step-by-step systems on attracting women, dating women, or sleeping with women. To think that the attraction process can be broken down into a set of instructions that will work on ANY women – kind of kills the romance for me.

But with that said, I do understand that there are certain things that men can do and be – which trigger attraction within a woman that she herself doesn’t even understand. When this happens women can react in an almost automatic way and this indeed fascinates me.

What I am a real fan of is programs that not only cover “technique” but that also have a strong teaching basis on mindset and inner game (hello? Anyone read my blog?) In order to move forward in this process I believe you need both.

So, let’s get on with this review. Click here to read more »