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How Important Are Looks To Women Really?

Hey guys,

I was dealing with a pretty bad toothache while filming this video, so thankyou for bearing with me. Despite that, I really wanted to get this video out to you =)

While checking over my 800 survey responses to the question “what is your biggest problem when it comes to attracting/approaching/interacting with women”, I found that a lot of you guys were concerned about your looks and were wondering how important they truly were in attracting women.

So I want to give you the truth! And I hate to sound clichĂ©, but its not all about your looks. In fact they have very little to do with how attractive a woman will find you. Click here to read more »

How To Really Attract Women Revisited!

About 2 years I created a about “how to really attract women” – It continues to be one of my most popular dating you tube videos.

Since that time, I have come to some new distinctions which can really help men attract women. I’ve realised that it is not based on all the techniques, but rather its about developing a particular mindset about yourself and women, which in turn will magnetize women to you.

Here are the top three tips I discuss in this

1) Be proactive and keep pushing for the next step. Resistance is part of the process.

2) Be transparent, you have a unique personality so use it! Get comfortable with who you are, its all you’ve got.

3) Blow as many women out of the water. Get it out of your system. Take the pressure off. Give yourself the approval that you are seeking.

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Wicked Wednesdays! Why Do Women Send Out Confusing Signals? …

Lets face it, us women can be a bunch of moody … group at times and this is more confusing to a guy than it is to us.But as a guy how can you really learn to deal with this at all? How to you know the difference between when a girl is saying something she means or she is just saying something for the sake of it?

Well in my with accomplice Jay – We tackle this question head on! Watch out for more weekly videos from my new channel .

Let me know your thoughts.

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Five Minute Find A Woman Wednesday’s – 3 Sure Ways To Approach Anywoman, Anywhere, Anytime

So there are some men that don’t have to lift a finger and seem to be able to attract women like bees to a honey pot.

But they are rare.

I would take a wild stab in the dark and say that these men really only make up 1% of the population.

So where does that leave the other 99% of men?

Usually it ends up with men attempting to approach a woman and it going horribly wrong.Or worse yet.

The anxiety of approaching a woman with thoughts of what she will say or do, prevent you from even saying hello.Well I know it can be a scary world out there.

So I thought what better way to put together a video where I will give you 3 simple steps to start approaching women successfully today!!

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Five Minute Find A Woman Wednesdays – Whats Hot And Whats Not?

This post was inspired by over at his blog who wrote a post called “”

Go check it out. I love the dude. N I have only been over to his blog once =)

Ok so where do we start?

Boys boys boys.

Why is it, when it comes to learning how to play the game, there all these contradictory rules that you are suppose to learn.

One person says one thing.

Then another person says the complete opposite.

The you have no idea what is going on and who you should listen to.

Well like the phrase goes, there are many ways to skin a cat. Its something like that .. right?

So this video … which is all about “what is hot and what is not” – was created to give you some more guidelines on top.

Of what I believe works and what doesn’t work!!

Enjoy! For my subscribers,

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Five Minute Find A Woman Wednesdays – Toilet Conversation – What Really Goes ON?!

I’m doing a major distrust to my fellow female friends right here.

I’m going to dish the dirt on toilet conversation.

Like why do we all go together?

Why do we spend so much time there?

What do we talk about and about whom?

You see to me, its obvious. It makes sense. But you guys that are reading this, maybe not so much.

So if you want the mystery solved … then its time to watch the above video or for my subscribers click here

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Five Minute Find A Woman Wednesdays – What Women Want

Guys, guys, guys.

I’m sure there are a lot of you that are confused by women.

You don’t know what they want, you don’t know what they mean and all the rest.

So I’m going to do you a favor and help you kind of figure it out.

In this video I will be covering 2 main things

1) Two Appealing Secrets You Will Need In Order To Gain and Keep Attraction With Women

2) The ONE Secret That You Need To Know About Understanding Women.

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5 Minute Find A Woman Wednesdays – Why Women Are Bitches When You Pick Up Their Friends

Ok so you have all been in that situation before. Where you see a really hot chick.

Finally have the balls to go up and talk to her. But then all of a sudden you find her friend either wisping her away or just being a complete biatch about the whole thing.

Why does this happen? And how can we use this and turn it around to work in our favour?

Well start watching people!!

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Five Minute Find A Woman Wednesdays – Why Women Date Bad Boys And Marry Nice Guys

Isn’t that the ultimate question? Why is that women date bad boys but marry the nice guy?

This was very true to a friend of mine who has NO PROBLEM with men whatsoever. Lets just say that she had flirting and gaining men’s attraction down to the T.

So here she is dating all these great looking men, successful, rich men who because of this were also able to get a lot of women.

In other words she was dating a lot of players and kind of rough and tough guys.So anyways life is all good and then I hear that she is dating this new guy. Things are going pretty strong and they are spending lots of time together.

Then comes the day when I get to meet him and by then they had been going out for quite a while. So I meet him and my jaw drops. But not because of the reason that you think. Not because he is drop dead gorgeous. Not becuase his personality just blew me away.

But because he was NOTHING, NOTHING like the type of guy she had dated before.

Just probably the opposite of it. And here is the thing. You could totally tell that he was a nice sweet and genuine guy. He was not going to mess around with her. He was the real deal!

So many of you are thinking … WHAT??!! WHAT??!!

Why is that? Well thats why you have to watch the video!! Don’t you just hate it when I leave you hanging like that?

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Five Minute Find A Woman Wednesdays – 3 Ways To Create Instant Attraction

You guys asked for it. So I’m just delivering the goods.

What are 3 things that we can learn to really create instant attraction with women. Well if you are a nice guy and what you are doing in the dating scene is not really working for ya. The this would be a great video to watch, because I’ve put some great tips in here.

If you want a sneak peak the 3 points I cover are

1) Being in control

2) Teasing

3) Being unpredictable

If you want to learn more in depth about this, then watch!!

For the gals, this will be a great video for ya, because it will finally give us some answers why we are attracted to certain guys and what really goes on behind the scenes.

So enjoy everybody.

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Enjoy =)

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