David Deangelo

Is Learning Picking Up All About Manipulation?

You would be surprised how many WOMEN out there cannot stand PUA’s.

They think that people like Mystery and David Deangelo are frauds, who are corrupt and teach men how to manipulate women.

They make comments like … we don’t fall for this stuff. People who use these techniques on us and it doesn’t work.

Well I can say .. is that if you had an advanced PUA approach you and hit on you … you would not even know what hit you.

What irritates me the most is that these women, who know nothing from nothing about the pick up scene or seduction, make all these wild accusations and assumptions about the men who learn this stuff.

What they don’t understand is the difference between the logical/rational and the emotional/illogical.

So I’m here to educate. But first lets have in mind the question.

Who does this PUA stuff really benefit, if anyone at all?
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How David D Helped Me!

I’ve been bad. Real bad. So bad that I’m feeling a little guilty about the whole thing.

Well before I let your imagination run a little too wild, let me tell you what I’m referring to.

I’ve been getting insider information. I’m been learning all the tricks of the trade that I shouldn’t really know. Ok so I got my hands on some one on one interviews that David Deangelo has which he does with other successful PUA’s or naturals as he calls them.

Look I can’t help it. My brother is the one that is buying all this stuff and I end up being the one that reads and listens to it all!

You wanna know what I found out?

Its really quite shocking.

Ok here it is …

Its nothing that I didn’t already know. Its something that I have heard hundreds and hundreds of times. Its something that I have been doing without even knowing it. Click here to read more »