Breaking Up

3 Top Secrets To Get You Healing And Happy After A Breakup!

Ok ok I admit it has been a little while since I have written my last post and I’m sure you have all been wondering where the hell I have been!

Well lets keep it short and simple. I just ended a relationship which had been going on for close to a year. And while I was in this relationship, I was finding it very hard to keep posting about dating and relating stuff. I would literally sit in front of the computer tapping my fingers drawing blanks. Very frustrating.

Now that it has ended I have this renewed passion to continue this blog.
It has been a portal for my own personal development as well as the readers who have been following it. So I can’t resist anymore!

So for those of you that are interested in all the juicy goss, of what happened, of some of the things I have learnt from the whole experience and where I’m going to go from here … READ ON!

This will be followed by my 3 top tips in getting over a breakup!

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Why Does She Keep Dumping Me?

I’m sure there are many of YOU guys who have gone through a breakup – where the girl has clearly dumped you.

Breakups in general suck! But if its a different girl, but the same situation over and over again, then there has to be something “Your” doing to contribute the ultimate ending of your relationship.

If you can get her, thats one thing, but can you really keep her, because that in itself is the ultimate skill.

Jay and I don’t really believe in rules. But more guidelines, ways of thinking and principles. In this video we address some hot issues like;
*Why girls like straight to your face and get away with it.

*The truth about “being yourself” and what really works.

*What are some attractive factors that keep a girl interested and begging for MORE MORE MORE!

Next post is coming out on Friday! – Cheating, To Tell or Not To Tell ….

I Kick His Butt Then I Kicked Him Out The Door!

This is the final part to Jennie’s Rematch Story. You can view part one here and part two here.

Jennie’s Response:

Hi Jennifer,

Well, here’s how it all went down. I hope you don’t mind a long message here, b/c I want to make sure I get the details right & let you know why I’ve made a final decision.

First, the wrestling match itself. I had no idea how this would go, to be honest. Even tho’ I beat him soundly the first time I knew he would be extra determined to beat me this time w/his male ego on the line. Plus, he was really trying hard to psych me out. We were at my apt. where I have a large mat I use to practice my judo rolls and do some yoga as well, and I was stretching to get ready. The whole time while I was doing this he was like “I am going to seriously kick your ass, you know”, and “When I pin you I might not let you up for a while”….but I just ignored him & kept stretching. He was all hyped up and aggressive & like “quit stalling, let’s go!” & all this really typical alpha male behavior. When I was limbered up I said “OK, I’m ready, just let me get my hair tied back.” (I have really long hair & the first time we wrestled it kept getting in my eyes so I made sure to tie it back in a ponytail this time….this became an important point later in the match.) He was staring me down and I have to admit, I felt a little nervous b/c even tho’ we’re about the same height (I’m 5’8″ & he’s maybe an inch or two taller) he probably outweighs my 125 lbs by a good 40 pounds or so and is fairly strong. I started to wonder if I was in over my head but I quickly put the thought out of my head & just told myself to remember my moves & training.
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The Good Break Up! How to deal with a breakup and heal a broken heart …

You know while I was down at the snow like a couple of days ago something really struck me.

It was another light bulb moment, but this one was more profound.

Now I’m sure that many of you have had ex boyfriends or girlfriends, so you will be able to relate.

Let me just let you in on the scenario and then tell you what I have learnt from it.

So here’s the thing. I had a boyfriend for like 3 years back when I was like 16. He was my first boyfriend and to tell you the truth, it was a pretty good relationship. I say that in hindsight taking a step back and being able to rationally think about it.

Now things didn’t work out, because he just wasn’t really the right guy for me, but none the less you live and learn. And its an experience that I wouldn’t change for in the world.

Now lets skip over to my brother. He too at the time was dating a girl, who was his first girlfriend. I think they dated for a total of about 18 months. I only know that, because they had like one month anniversaries … but that’s a whole another topic I could rave on about, so don’t get me started. Click here to read more »

Should or Could You Be Friends With You Ex?!

So I was talking to my best friend last night and we were talking about whether it is possible to be good friends with your ex. Now my stance on this is a simple “Heck NO!”.

There are so many things that I see wrong with this.

The main problem I have with this, is that I really don’t believe you can truly move on, if you are still friends with your ex. I think that this is especially hard after a recent breakup and it really just delays the healing process. Not to mention that say you are good friends with your ex and then you so happen to get a new partner.

How does that work? Are you only friends with you ex, because you haven’t found someone yet? Do you still have feelings for your ex which you don’t want to admit?  Click here to read more »

The No Contact Rule

So I don’t know if everyone has heard of the No Contact Rule (NRC), but it is something that can be extremely useful in the dating and breakup arena! Obviously as the name states, it means no initiating or receiving any contact from that “other” person for a temporary or permanent amount of time.

On Baggage Reclaim, a great blog dedicated to relationship and dating advice we are talking about this rule and how it applies. See the original post here and then read what my response was =)

Hi Ashley,
Whoa just want to say that it looks like your doing really well! I think having goals and doing all that stuff is great because it gets you to focus more on yourself.

Sometimes in relationships we lose focus of who we are, and the NCR allows us to rediscover it. Click here to read more »

How To Deal With Being The Other Woman?!

In the dating arena we are once or two going to come across the unavailable man. The man that we are deeply attracted to, but know we can never fully have. Once we realize that we deserve better than a man who cant give out his heart, then its time to break up with him and move on. Here is my response to the original post, so check it out before reading on =)

Hi Guys,

Well I don’t know how much I can contribute to this particular post, because I have never been in this situation before. But I have been through some breakups so I can kind of relate.

While I know that breakups really suck, I think that they are a really great time to rediscover who you are.

They hurt and there are a lot of emotions up in the air, but in this situation where you are the other woman or man .. Well looking from the outside in … it looks like this could have possibly been the best thing for you. Click here to read more »

Get Over It Already – Breaking Up

Breaking up has got to be one of the suckiest times in our lives. I wish someone had warned me about how painful they really can be. But apparently I missed that memo. Getting back on your feet again and learning to trust someone again is a journey in itself. But ultimately break-ups lead to us understanding life, relationships and ourselves much more. Despite this it’s TOUGH. So I’m here to help by listing some of the inevitable stages of a break-up and what you can do about them to GET OVER IT!

First comes the fact that you even recognize that there is a problem and that he/she actually told you that they are breaking up with you. Essentially you are waiting for the “Hahahaha just kidding babe, I want you back”. But nothing seems to arrive. Click here to read more »