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Man Chases Woman Until SHE Catches Him

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I’m Attractive, Smart, Have A Great Career .. So Why Can’t I Find A Man?

It just doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.

Women today are more empowered than ever, we can do as much as any man can and I would even go as far to say that we can do MORE.

Our careers are what we make it, glass ceilings are breaking all over the place, we are no longer expected to say at home.

In fact we are expected to do everything …. Like have a career, take care of kids, maintain a healthy relationship, take care of the family, have a good social balance and all with a smile on our face.

But why is it that so many great girls that I’m coming across who are HOT, SMART and SUCCESSFUL are having trouble finding quality men?

Is it that men are just intimidated by success?

There is a girl that I met recently and she told me about an experience that I found to be interesting and shocking at the same time.

She was talking to me about how we could not attract the right guy for her.

Now she had a successful profession she was a doctor and was very good at her job.

At the same time she is also a pilates instructor in her spare time.

Weird combination, I know. Click here to read more »

I Can’t Pretend To Like You Anymore!

There are so many ways to look at dating its sooo not funny anymore. Like I covered in my last post, there are a lot of double standards that apply between genders.

But in this post I really want to talk about contradictions that appear in dating. You know where you hear someone say one and thing and then another person tell you something different.

Here are a couple that run off the top of my head

Love will find you VS You have to find love

You should have an instant connection VS You can build a connection with someone over time

Distance makes the heart grow fonder VS Out of sight out of mind

You can’t be friends before you date VS You should be friends before you date

You need to find someone similar to you VS You need to find someone opposite to you

Its no wonder that so many of us can get confused as to what we should and should not do. Click here to read more »

HAF Confessions – What I Didnt Want You To Know!

Yes ….

Its true ….

I have a secret that I have been dying to share with you.

Its been eating me up inside and now I think its time that I spill my guts and come clean.

Hope you guys are ready for it ….

Firstly I have to apologize for my lack of presence over the past couple of weeks. Life got very busy and I was behind in my posting schedule.

There is no use in making up something, so that you guys will forgive this .. lack of blogging. So I’m just going to tell you the plain and simple truth as to why I have not been around!!

As some of you might know, I just headed off to the states. But I didn’t tell many of you why. So here I’m going to spill my guts.

I started this blog as one of the concepts for my internet business. We had to pick a niche at the time and a market that we could really get into.

Thats right you heard me. I started this blog with an ulterior motive in mind!! Click here to read more »

Understand The Language That Women Speak

Recently I have been commenting on a relationship blog and there are a number of interesting and somewhat controversial topics that have come up. I have received many responses to on there called “You are going to have to speak “HER” language in getting her to like you”

Here we are debating a number of things mainly about the reason as to why there should be a dating game at all and why women feel they are entitled to continually test men. Here is my response to all the comments I have received.
So lets get something straight first. Dating as a game. It may not be what you guys are all thinking. The dating game is not about a set of rules that one must abide by. It is not about being fake. Its not about having fun by playing with someone’s emotions to make yourself feel better.  Click here to read more »

The Alpha Female Will Stand Down – To The Right Man Of Course

So we know what an Alpha Female is right? A chick has a “go get it” attitude and is ambitious is every area of life. Some say that she is Alpha because she makes more money that her man. I think its more than just that, and has to do with her extremely dominant attitude that can be quite intimidating to men. But can and will the Alpha Female stand down to anyone. I think she will, but she chooses her men very wisely. You can see the original post here and then go on and read my response to one of the comments below =)

Hi everyone,

In regards to “its Ying and Yang’s” comment I would have to say that I totally agree. Sometimes we can be extremely extroverted with people who are not as extroverted as us. Then when it comes to people on that higher level, then we become the more introverted ones. Its funny how that works. I think its way too much effort to become extroverted with everyone that you meet. But at the same time, its probably not healthy to judge people by these standards.

With that aside I think the point that you are trying to make is that alpha females can and will date an alpha male because she will be more submissive around him. Click here to read more »

Are Alpha Males Scared Of Alpha Females?!

I was having an very interesting conversation with my friend the other day and I thought I would bring it up here.

If you were an Alpha Male would you date an Alpha female?

If being Alpha is all about domination and who is in control, I have heard from many people that they don’t think this kind of match would work. After all, all the Alpha Males that I know are quite happy with their Beta Females. You know chicks who actually listen to them and do exactly what they are told.

I dunno I just find it strange.

If u were such an Alpha Male, wouldn’t you have the balls to date someone who gives you a run for your money? Who challenges your opinion? Who is someone that is more your equal? Click here to read more »

The Modern Alpha Female – Attracts Not Chases Her Ideal Man

Hello everybody,

This is one of my responses to one of Laura’s fantastic articles. All about Alpha Females and what they should be focusing on when they are getting into a relationship and while they are in one. Enjoy =)

Laura’s response to “Paradox Of The Alpha Female” can be found at

My Response: Hi Laura!
Thank you for your wonderful insight, it really got me thinking. Christmas was fantastic, But its summer over here in the Land of Oz I wish I had a winter Christmas though =)

[Laura's Comment: No man is an island. We can choose to live alone all through out our life by choice or by default. I do not hold the same view as you. My view of a relationship is both men and women complement each other and not totally dependent on each other. They should not feel like they are only half a person as both are strong in their departments.] Click here to read more »

The Paradox Of The Alpha Female

This is one of the responses to a great debate that Im having with Laura about Alpha Females. Here we talk about money, relationship equality and what this paradox of the Alpha Female is. Her response can be found at

My Response: Hi Laura!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Took me a little while to get into it, but ended up having a great day. So I’ve done my over socializing, over eating, over shopping and I’m back and ready to delve into some great discussion.

[Laura's Comment: Love is like pouring water into his cup and when it is full, he will pour it back to your cup.]

Girl this reminds me of something that John Gray talks about in “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” hahah. Ive heard so much about the book, but about a month ago was when I actually picked it up to read it. I think that relationships flourish when two whole people come together and share a group of commonalities together that brings them together and keeps the relationship growing. Too many times I see two people who think that they are only half a person without the other. Its like two starving people in a room trying to steal each others food! It just doesn’t work. Click here to read more »

What Would An Alpha Female Choose? For Love Or Money?

Here is my lengthy response to Laura’s article

My Response: Hi Laura,
Sorry for the late reply. I am absolutely honored that I’m having this discussion with you – bring it on!! =) N thank you for all the wonderful input and insight that you have provided so far, I really appreciate it. We girls have to stick together. Maybe we should start a cult? LoL *winks*

[Laura's Comment: Generally, an Alpha woman would like to run and manage her life her way and she would dislike people telling her what to do. Before marriage, the women are the queen. The men in order to woo them will have to submit to their whims and fancies unless it is the woman that is crazy about that man.]

While I agree that alpha women have full control over their lives, I think they try to bring this same level of control into a relationship and it just doesn’t work. Guys like to be the ones that have the control and usually with Alpha Females it’s hard to gain that. It’s not impossible to gain control of the situation with an Alpha Female and I don’t think that it necessarily has to be an Alpha Male to do that. Click here to read more »