“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
~ Walt Disney

Maybe it’s not a question you have ever asked yourself – but this year, I would say it’s one question that you should. Have you noticed that life does NOT wait around for you? It’s always on a lightning fast course and you can choose to jump on the train or get left behind.

Therefore, it’s always important to consciously create the kind of life that you want. And, it’s equally important to consciously create the kind of man you WANT TO BECOME.

Why is this important in attracting a great quality woman? Because the quality of woman you attract will depend on the quality of man that you are.

You want better quality women? Then become the kind of man that she would be attracted to. This is the fundamental principle that you must grasp and apply in your life. It’s not just good enough to know this principle. You have to apply it in your life – you have live and breathe it.

So, I ask you again … What kind of man will you be this year? Now, I’m not saying that you have to revamp your entire life or personality. I’m just talking about maybe one or two qualities that you would really like to work on this year.

Would you like to be more proactive this year? Would you like to say YES to more things rather than the standard “no”? Would you like to be more assertive this year? Would you like to add new people to your life? Would you like to get rid of people in your life who are not serving you in any positive way? Would you like to get your body into a physical health and shape that you are proud of? Would you like to take more risks this year in the financial arena, in the relationship arena, in your personal arena? Would you like to finally do that ONE thing that you have always wanted to do – that you have always found an excuse to put off …. until now?

What are you willing to do this year that you were not prepared to do last year? What will be memorable about this year … that you can talk about many years to come? If there was one word or phrase you could use to describe the year that you are going to have – what would it be?

Doing this important planning maybe seem a little airy fairy for some of you. But if you just take out a few minutes NOW to decide what it is that you want from this year and then make the commitment to follow through on that – it’s going to make all the difference.

Note for single guys

Some of you may be thinking – if I focus on my life and not on dating women … isn’t it taking me away from the things that I really want?

I’m not saying that while you are focusing on the kind of the man that you want to become that you have to stop talking, meeting, and dating women.

I’m just saying – take the FOCUS off women and put it ONTO yourself. Focus on approving yourself. Focus on pleasing yourself. Focus on impressing YOURSELF.

Why does this help? Because when you have that kind of priority in your own life – you are the MAN of your own world. And, therefore you are automatically creating a world that the right kind of woman will be attracted to.

I’m also not saying that this will be easy for all of you. Some of you may have some tough decisions to make to get to a place where you feel good about your life again. Maybe you have to tackle something that you have been avoiding or have become complacent (or even comfortable) living with. Sometimes it takes a full reassessment of your current situation (maybe from a different perspective) to give you that new energy to inject into creating the life that you want.

It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

You get in life not what you deserve, but what you are willing to settle for.

So, maybe it’s time to raise those expectations and take a small step today in that new direction.

I’ve had my say, now it’s your turn. What are some of the small steps that you are willing to take this year?
Hot Alpha Female

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