“Relationship is an art.
The dream that two people create is more difficult to master than one.

~ Don Miguel Ruiz

If you want to keep the passion and excitement alive with your girlfriend then you only need to remember one thing: you must actively build anticipation within her. Building anticipation, mystery, and giving her something to really look forward to – is the name of the game. And, if you are guilty of having one too many boring nights on the couch watching TV with her or you feel things are getting stale – then it’s time to mix it up. Here are a few suggestions:

Step One: Spend more time creating that sexual tension.
Remember how to flirt? Well just because she is your girlfriend doesn’t mean that all of a sudden that should stop. Go in first for the passionate lingering kiss instead of heading straight to the bedroom. Spend a little more time talking with her, staring into her eyes, giving her dirty sexual looks, touching her all over her body BEFORE anything actual sexual happens. Appeal to ALL her senses: whisper in her ear, wear a touch of cologne that she loves, kiss her passionately, etc. All this build-up of anticipation may not be that exciting for you – but it will drive HER WILD.

Step Two: Let her imagination do the work.
Leave her a surprise email, post it note, or a text message that will hint about something she can look forward to later on. Remember that it’s a hint not a blueprint. Just give enough to let her imagination run a little wild. You can hint about a surprise you have for her; you can hint about what you are going to do with her later; etc.

Step Three: Plan a mystery date.
So, this doesn’t mean you have to blow hundreds of dollars to impress her. This is about doing something that the two of you WILL enjoy but that is a little different or is something that you haven’t done before. The fact that you are both doing something new will add to the overall excitement. Some things you could do include: blindfold her to the secret date location; take her to a place she has always wanted to go; or re-create a version of a dream date or place she would like to go. The possibilities are endless. Tailor it to the tastes of your girlfriend. What is most important is that she sees you are making an effort. And, that will win you more points than anything else.

Bonus Step: Be grounded and present.
When you are in your masculine element and a woman feels like she has your undivided attention it can be a real turn-on. So, make sure that you do whatever-it-takes so that when you do spend time with your girlfriend – it is quality time. Shut out all other thoughts and thoroughly enjoy the time that you are having with her. Don’t think about work. Don’t think about that problem you are trying to solve. Don’t think about what you are going to do after dinner. Make sure to clear the time so that you are connected to yourself and therefore can truly connect with your girlfriend.

These are just some things that women and most likely your girlfriend will really appreciate and most importantly: feel turned-on by.

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