“Do what today others won’t, so tomorrow, you can do what others can’t.”
~ Brian Rogers Loop

I’m sure you have heard of the various different triggers there are to attract and impress a woman. In most of my posts, I talk about the importance of becoming the best man that you can be. Now, I know that this is a very broad statement. So, today we are going to hone in on ONE character trait that is CRUCIAL in attracting and impressing a woman.

So, here it is:

“Be proactive”.

And, I mean “be proactive” rather than “being reactive”.I mean, face your life head on rather than darting around the edges.

Doing this leads to a sense of confidence that is unshakable. Unshakable confidence is impressive to women.

Being proactive is a byproduct of confidence. And, confidence is a byproduct of being proactive. Being proactive creates LIFE FORCE. It causes you to make decisions, do the difficult tasks, think ahead, and to be flexible. Being proactive means that you are the leader of your own life. You are out there taking charge rather than waiting for things to happen. More often than not, when you are proactive you feel more momentum in your life. You feel better about yourself. And, you feel more confident. And, so this upwards spiral continues.

Men often believe that women are attracted to the superficial things like looks, money, status, and so on. And, while I admit that some of these things can be helpful – they are more like the icing on the cake rather than what makes the actual cake. Because what makes the actual cake is “Character”. And, a man of GOOD CHARACTER is what women are looking for. Usually, when a man has a subset of character traits it’s easier for him to create a good career, have good relationships with his friends and family, and also take care of himself. Most men think that all women want is a guy who has all the superficial things going on in his life.

But, what they are really looking for is the “person” who had the ability to create and attract all those things into his life.

Women are looking for strength in your character. They want to know your habits, what drives you, what your defaults settings are – because they know that is what they are truly investing in. Jobs, careers, looks, power, health can all change. She wants to know if you are persistent when your career takes a dive, if you have the conviction to follow your dreams, if you are kind a heart, and if you have the openness to learn new things. These are more valuable to her in the long run.

And, luckily for you – you now know what one of these attractive character traits is.

Being proactive.

So, here is the kicker. Most men (and women) are waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the right situation; the right person; or the right thing to say. Making a habit out of this slowly weakens the muscle that allows them to take action. It weakens the belief that something can “change” for the better. And, thus this falls into a downward spiral.

When an opportunity presents itself more than likely a challenge will have to be overcome to take advantage of it. That challenge may be a mental, emotional, or physical one. BUT the thing is – if the opportunity is not taken then the fear wins and energy wanes. When a person believes the thoughts that keep them in their current comfort zone and the habit is not broken then the limiting self-image prevails and the growth process is stunted.

So, here I am – writing this post to say one thing and really one thing only.

Stop waiting.

There is never going to be a perfect time in the future. All you have is the present and it’s the best chance you’ve got of creating the future you imagined. And, another thing. That action you take – it’s probably not going to be perfect either. But, “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity” (thanks Mr Alex Mandossian) and you are going to be a lot further ahead than if you did nothing at all.

What does this mean? It means take a chance. It means create that small positive habit that can and will change your life. It means spend the time and the energy to put yourself into the driver’s seat. The more energy you put into your life, the more that you are going to get back.

I don’t know what that particular area is for you. Maybe it is that you need to be more proactive with women. Maybe you need to be more proactive with your career. Maybe you need to be more proactive with your health. Whatever it is it’s time to take an honest look at that area and start making small shifts of change.

Because how much longer can you afford to wait?

I’ve had my say, now it’s your turn.

Hot Alpha Female

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