Girlfriend Activation System - A Female Perspective

Just type in the same keywords above and you will find a whole bunch of reviews about the “” (which I will now refer to as GFAS because let’s face it, that’s a mouthful!) So, what will you get out of this review that you won’t get out of the others? That my friend, is the question and here is my answer. I’m a woman. And, in this review I’ll share with you:

— What I learned about attraction and picking a boyfriend while going through this system


— Whether these principles in GFAS work on me, my friends, and the women I encounter

Now, before I go any further let me just state one thing. I’m not really a fan of things that claim that they are step-by-step systems on attracting women, dating women, or sleeping with women. To think that the attraction process can be broken down into a set of instructions that will work on ANY women – kind of kills the romance for me.

But with that said, I do understand that there are certain things that men can do and be – which trigger attraction within a woman that she herself doesn’t even understand. When this happens women can react in an almost automatic way and this indeed fascinates me.

What I am a real fan of is programs that not only cover “technique” but that also have a strong teaching basis on mindset and inner game (hello? Anyone read my blog?) In order to move forward in this process I believe you need both.

So, let’s get on with this review.

Things I liked and learnt …

1) Christian creator of GFAS is the real deal
The first is that Christian (the creator of GFAS) is one hell of an authentic guy. He’s not incredibly hypey nor does he have one of those ego’s that are so big they can hardly fit through the door. Any woman would be crazy not to have a small crush on him (but that’s not the point and it doesn’t really help you). What I mean to say, is that Christian has been through quite a lot. He has had his ups and downs but he has come through them and now he is prepared to share those lessons (this is something that DOES benefit you!) In other words, you are not going to get a whole bunch of information that feeds you BS from quick fixes to “you can change your dating life in 30 seconds or less”. GFAS gives you honest, practical, and definitive ways to: demonstrate your own value; create a long lasting impression; develop attraction; and keep the girl of your dreams. There are no pick-up lines; minimal pick-up language or abbreviated words; and zero hype – all of which I ironically find – very exciting.

2) GFAS is about empowering you rather than disrespecting women
Here is the second thing that I resonated with. Christian comes from a place of great respect for himself and for women. GFAS is about: building yourself up as a man; finding and developing your own value; and finding women who match that.

A key concept that Christian talks about is “the quality of women in a man’s life is a reflection of the quality of man that he is”. In other words, if you want better more quality women in your life – then you’ve got to look at the kind of value that you are bringing. Because when that happens it’s plain and simple, “like attracts like” forces that are bringing and repelling certain people into your life.

I still remember this one guy I met at a seminar who was complaining that all he could ever find was women that “didn’t know what they wanted out of life”. This bothered him and he was wondering if and where all the women were that were very much on passion and purpose. When I probed him a little more and asked him, “Do YOU know what you want out of life?” It literally got him to stop in his tracks. After some reflection he said, “No, I actually don’t”. To which I replied, if you spend more time and energy figuring out what that is – I think you will be surprised at the different kind of women you will attract in the future. Whatever world you are living in – remember you were the sole creator of it. It can be a tough bullet to swallow, but it also gives you the freedom and the power to create the exact life that you truly want. GFAS will re-enforce this idea and give you the strategies to make it a reality for you.

3) GFAS teaches you once and for all, “Why women like drama and how it can actually enhance a relationship”.
Here is the third thing that I learnt. Women have a biological “need” to test a man. And, there are two reasons why a woman tests a man. One because she is feeling insecure and two because she wants him to live up to his potential. I often talk about sh*t testing, drama, and even flaking. But going through this program helps re-enforce the idea that women aren’t out to be vengeful or dramatic for the sake of it. That in fact, sh*t testing is a form of survival, emotional stability, and used as a tool to motivate a man to be the best that he can be. GFAS will show you how sh*t testing from a woman can help you become a better man and have a more fulfilling relationship. This goes beyond the concept of sh*t testing as something that needs to be “overcome” or “bulldozed over”. GFAS will give you the reasons why this happens and how it can actually help you and the relationship you are building with this woman.

Being a woman I experience drama in my own life and see it happen in the lives of my women friends and the women I encounter in my everyday life. And, while some women are conscious about the fact that they “like drama” or “create drama” – the majority of women don’t know why they do what they do. Going through this program has helped me understand more of why women do what they do. And, how does this help you? Because if it helps me understand more about women – imagine what kind of insights you are going to get! The biggest lessons are that women do like emotional rollercoaster rides once in a while to keep the attraction going. And, if that statement makes you feel a little: angry, resentful, or even confused then you don’t just WANT this program: YOU NEED IT!


Things I didn’t like …

So, some of you may be wondering – is there anything I didn’t like about GFAS? Here are a few things that I want each and every one of you to consider:

1) You’ve got to be ready for it.
GFAS is something that you have to be “ready” for. It’s not a one-stop-shop program. And, while they talk about a step-by-step system that will teach you the strategies to give you a better chance of getting a girlfriend – you are still going to have to do the work.

2) Don’t let the sales letter fool you.
I must admit the sales video is very entertaining, informative, and a little hypey. But I assure you that the course is NOT. So, don’t think that you will get the course and all your problems will be solved. You are still going to have to do the work. You are going to have to take the time to go through it – GFAS has at least 6 hours’ worth of video content (that’s just the main product not including all the bonuses).

3) It’s not a typical PUA program
If you are looking for tips, tricks, and strategies, to get a girl hooked on to you and to create a “one-sided” relationship where she is into you more than you – then this is NOT the program for you. It’s only for you guys who have a value on personal growth, authentic approach, and would like to or already have a growing respect for women. It’s not a PUA program. If anything, it’s a “Become the best man you can program” with insights on what women look for in a “long term boyfriend” and how you can become that man.

4) It’s not really for newbies
Remember that when you come on board with GFAS you will get to join a community of like-minded men. From the men that I have seen on the board and the comments that they have made – this program is NOT really for NEWBIES. Guys new to this information are usually looking for quick fixes and most of the men that come onto this program realize that it’s going to take a little more work. Like I said, you’ve got to be ready for it.

Overall recommendation

Apart from that – I would say that I like everything else about GFAS. It’s delivered in a logical and systematic way and Christian can clearly articulate his teachings. GFAS I believe has got the perfect combination of mindset work and technique to give you a winning chance at getting the girl you want. For those of you that are thinking of getting this program and think you are in the right head space for it – I would highly, highly recommend it

One more thing …
When you buy GFAS you will automatically be given a 14 day FREE trial of their monthly membership program “The Ten Code”. My recommendation is that you use the 14 days wisely and assess for yourself whether this is something that you will find valuable and that you will use. After your 14 day trial period has ended you will be billed for $67 (as of August 2012) monthly  for your continued access to “The Ten Code”.  If you find that you want to cancel your monthly membership you can simply send a support ticket via email and they will take care of the rest. This trial is no obligation and you can cancel anytime – so there is no risk to you at all. Take advantage of the FREE trial, assess whether it’s right for you and either cancel it or do nothing to continue with your membership.

Where Do I Go Next? ….

Stage One: Learn more
For those of you that want to learn more about what the GFAS then make sure to watch this . I suggest grabbing your favorite beverage and clearing about 25-30 minutes to watch this informative and entertaining video, check it out

Stage Two: On the fence
Seen the video presentation but not completely convinced GFAS is still for you? Here is a neat little thing you can do that will still give you heaps of great information which is still completely FREE! When you head over to see the video presentation to put in your email. After you do this you will be taken to the order page. Regardless of whether you complete the order – you will then be added to Christian’s private list and get heaps of great content on GFAS! I’m on the list (first email comes about 24 hours later) and I’m a little surprised at how good his emails are. So, when in doubt – get on his list – get your free content – and keep the education going. Get on the list

Stage Three: Let’s do this!
If you’ve seen the video presentation and are ready to get started with GFAS immediately then you can get your access to the program

Note Update May 2013: This checkout page now leads directly back to the sales page. So, you’ll have to wait to the sales video or watch it again to get to your checkout page.

Would love to hear your comments for those of you that are considering it, or have already gotten it and would like to share your thoughts!


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