“An emotionally immature woman has no sense of awareness of what she is doing. She is on autopilot. She is in constant reaction to her emotions to her needs and wants.”
~Hot Alpha Female

Alright, I really do need to talk to you about something. There seems to be a huge fixation getting the likes and attention of a particular woman or that hot chick. If you have read my other posts <here>, <here> and <here> you will know the warnings I have about many hot chicks. I’d say I was sorry about bursting your bubble, but I’m really not. I don’t want you guys to make the same mistakes most other guys make.

There are reasons why guys are attracted to women who look hot. Some of the reasons have to do with symmetry being a possible indicator of fewer genetic problems. Other reasons may have to do with youthful qualities about the face or body appearing to be associated with fertility. Whatever the reasons, I would strongly encourage you to think about your decisions with your BIG head, not your little head.

Most of you will come to conclusion of: “I like this chick and I want her now!” And, don’t give it much more thought than that.

There are women who are average looking who can be wonderful partners or dates. But, let’s get real. Even average looking women can cause problems. So, let’s talk about screening out women who might fuck up your life. Hot or not.

First, there are some basic things to consider. Is this woman a good match for you? Now, you may wonder why I am starting with this one. Well, I will tell you. In Napoleon Hill’s research, he concluded that the selection of a mate was very important for success. Having a woman who is compatible with you can be a HUGE help in your success and fulfillment in life. I have written in other posts about the importance of knowing what kind of woman you want and HOW to know if she is meeting your expectations AND the benefits of doing this in making you more attractive.

Second, if she feels rapport with you, she will likely begin to open up more and more to you. In doing so, pay attention to what she says AND ask her follow up questions. Notice how she talks about men. How does she describe her past relationships? How does she talk about her ex-boyfriends? How does she feel about her father? These can all be important indicators of how she might treat you.

I recently had a reader share some insights which could point to an emotionally immature woman. I could not have put it any better so here it is:

However, more subtle things might be a girl who has few or no female friends; one who works in a very low ranking position, talks continuously about all her plans to do more, but never takes the initiative; when questioned about past events, will constantly paint herself as the victim in any situation and always seems to like listing countless numbers
of people who have wronged her. The unfortunate thing is that most likely this girl will present herself as a victim to be saved, which can be a great temptation for a young man. It starts very simply with …”All this girl needs is some support and encouragement and then she’ll be whole and we’ll have a wonderful life together”. -J

J makes some excellent points. I think a lot of the time as men you have this natural tendency to want to save a woman from herself. You want to be the knight in shining amour to save the damsel in distress. Unfortunately, this only works in Disney or Pixar films. Not in real life. Sure woman want to feel protected and safe at times. But an emotionally mature woman will know how to protect herself and develop the mindset and emotional stability to do things on her own AND ask for help when needed.

Some other thing you could do to discern the type of woman you have is, find out what kind of lifestyle she has. Does she talk about exercising? Is she a vegetarian? Does she talk about drug or alcohol use? Does she gamble? You see, you are getting ideas about how self-disciplined she is. When a woman has self-discipline, she is more likely to have a conscience, act in a conscientious manner, and take responsibility for her actions. She is more likely to control her impulses, rather than just acting on whatever emotion she feels in the moment. This will be positive for you and her. For you, it will mean a more pleasant relationship experience. For her, she will be more likely able to build and maintain rapport with those around her instead of embarrassing herself and having to apologize for it later.

Third, some men learn about astrology, handwriting analysis, or palm reading. These kinds of activities can get a woman talking about herself. Now, I am not going to say whether or not I think astrology, handwriting analysis, and palm reading are accurate. What I think is most important is that a woman will likely feel interested in it, AND then start talking about herself. That’s a great way to ask her those questions I have talked about you preparing to ask her to make sure she is the type of woman you want.

Now, remember that after she answers your questions that you pay attention to how she acts. If she says she thinks it is important to be kind to others and then on another date with you she acts like a bitch to the waitress THEN CALL HER OUT ON IT! This is important because remember that women have a tendency to say things that are socially appropriate and then not back it up with action.

Now, let’s suppose she reveals to you that she has had a history of cocaine use and that she was arrested for armed robbery and prostitution but she was just doing all that to work her way through medical school. Ok, guys, we need to do a reality check here! If you start explaining it away such as, “Well, she was young” OR “It was probably just a temporary thing” OR “I made mistakes, too” OR “People can change” – stop it. Just listen to her. We cannot change the past. Everyone does make mistakes. There are some very successful people who have had problems and resolved them. The big question is “How will you know if she has truly changed?”

Perhaps only time will tell. Perhaps she will make a confession about slipping up, if you have really good rapport with her. Maybe you will get to know her family or friends – and they will tell you some information about her habits (assuming they have no ulterior motives). If you have doubts, remember that there are dozens of women out there who have lived relatively straight lives – and yet at the same time, that is NO guarantee that she might not go out there and do something to disrupt your life.

One final note is to get to know her friends and family. Although there is no guarantee, if she has come from a family background that is relatively uneventful (in a negative way), she might be more balanced and level-headed. Again, there is still no guarantee.

Ok, so basically, it doesn’t matter how hot this chick is. If she causes you major problems OR has an unchanged history of causing other people problems, it can ruin your life. This is true! I have known guys who have had their bank accounts drained, their self-esteem destroyed, and their lives set back years! The whole purpose of this post is to encourage you guys to focus on her as a PERSON! Because if she has certain qualities, she can help raise your life to heights you never imagined.

The best thing you can do for yourself to find a good quality woman is to become the kind of man that would ATTRACT her into your life. If you are ready for it, then I suggest you <click here right now>

I’ve had my say, now it’s YOUR turn!

Hot Alpha Female

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