The image is one thing and the human being is another.
It’s very hard to live up to an image, put it that way.

~Elvis Presley

Is it possible that ALL women could hate one word? I would say yes. Yet, it’s a word that women constantly use behind each others back and the real secret is that some women want to act in this manner with their man – behind closed doors.

So, “what is this word?” you ask. Are you ready for it?


It’s a word that is probably more hurtful than calling her a bitch BUT “whore” comes in close second. What does a woman experience when this word is associated with her? Probably the same amount of horror you would experience if someone yelled out in a public street, “He has a tiny penis!” and started pointing and laughing at you.

It’s part of the fear of being called this by other women (and men) that causes women to act in specific ways deigned to help build an image of themselves which may be far from the truth. So, it means it can cause her to say one thing and appear to mean the opposite. Because of this word, women feel a need to maintain a certain positive image. Ever wonder what all the jokes are about when a woman has an argument that she is always right? Women feel an enormous pressure to be perfect, which implies being right all the time.

Many women fear that if they do not live up to a specific image, then they might be rejected and labeled as an outcast. This might impact their chances of finding a really good man OR getting help when they need it. This is a fear that runs in the background. It’s part of a basic instinct reaction to survive in a social environment.

So why would women need to feel the need to stay in rapport all the time with people? Let’s pretend that men are generally physically stronger than women. So how are women supposed to have power if men might be physically stronger and bigger? One way is through influence. And, one way to influence someone is by being in rapport with them. Still another way to influence is by having a higher status. One way to have higher status is to be popular. AND one way to be popular is to be socially approved of. By maintaining a certain image, you are more likely to be popular, and therefore be of a higher social status.

So, even though women may on the surface appear to be crazy, there could very well be a rationale behind what they do, whether they know it or not.

Now, how does this apply to you? Alright, when you go on a first date with a woman, she might try to impress you, especially if you are a man who has developed those attractive skills and personality characteristics that I discuss.

If she is trying to impress you, she may not transparently present who she truly is. So, you will have to be very alert to what she does. Stop staring at her boobs. Avoid looking at her lips. Relax. Lean back a bit from time to time AND LOOK at her as she is speaking. Look at her whole face. Watch her hands.

If you know how to read body language, you will know what to look for. How to Read a Person Like a Book was written over 30 years ago, but it is still applicable today. One of the authors, Gerard Nierenberg, has written a number of books over the years. I recommend you get the title listed here. It will give you a competitive edge in all areas of your life if you apply it.

So by reading her body language, you can begin to form some ideas of what she might be trying to hide and what she is wanting to be perceived as. You can begin to understand what image she is trying to create for you. If you see any mismatch in what she says, does, expresses, etc., then you can gently call her out on it.

The other thing is if you believe the image she is trying to project – and she knows it is not entirely true – then she may not respect you as much. By noticing what image she is projecting and calling her out on it, she may not like it at the time you do it – but given time she will more likely appreciate and respect you for it.

Also, you could bring this up as a topic of discussion for her. You can discuss it from different perspectives, such as “what do you do when what you want may not be approved of by your culture” OR “when you want something that your friends might not approve of, what do you do” OR “why do you think conformity is important” OR “if you really want something and you know it will freak your friends out, how do you handle that – if you keep it a secret, how does that affect you inside.” If she is introspective, intellectual, or really smart, she will likely enjoy thinking about this because it will probably challenge her.

Therefore, instead of thinking women are crazy, you can begin to look behind the possible rationale behind their actions. Also, because you know what to look for by reading body language and knowing why she is probably doing what she is doing, she actually might feel more trust, rapport, and attraction for you.

I’ve had my say. What are your thoughts?

Hot Alpha Female

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