Let’s face it, some women are really scary, crazy, and a little manipulative. In this video I want to talk about “what is really up with women today!”

Why do they act the way that they act? Do they just enjoy being manipulative or bitchy? What is the underlying cause behind this?

The main problem with many women today is their inability to express and fully embrace their femininity. The less they can do that, the more masculine they become. The more masculine they become the less attractive and open they appear to you.

Yes, it is a vicious cycle. And it has to stop somewhere! Of course, can you really blame women for being this way? Images of the independent and successful woman are plastered on billboards, magazines, and in pop culture. So in women striving to live up to this image they are in fact repressing something very intimate and important to them.

If you can become aware of this and then focus on developing a masculine energy that really coaxes out her feminine – there will be much happier dating and relating experiences for men and women!

Hope you enjoy!

Hot Alpha Female

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