Understanding the masculine and the feminine energies and how they work together can be really important in ensuring that you have a stress free dating and relating experience.

Generally the more masculine you are and the more feminine your woman is, the more passion and connection you will have together.

In this video I cover some of the ways you men can learn to really embrace and strengthen your masculinity – to make her more open and receptive when she is around you.

You do this two ways:

1)Becoming competent in useful skills this includes developing your own sense of humor, learning a physical sport – all of it is to show that you are in indeed competent. Competency communicates to a woman that you are strong enough to protect her from outside threats.

2)Developing your own independence and initiative. You don’t please a woman by always giving in to her. You can actually please yourself and a woman by honoring your own desires, by saying “no” or “not right now” and by giving your honest opinion.

Hope you guys enjoy,

Hot Alpha Female

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