Ever had the thought of giving up? Just throwing in the towel when it comes to women? Come-on I know that you have been there before.

So, what causes this? Why is giving up so tempting? Simply because you don’t have a compelling enough reason to have something. It’s hard to go for something when you don’t KNOW what you want or you don’t WANT what you WANT that badly.

You need a reason, an outcome that is so compelling, so emotionally attached to you that it will help you overcome any type of rejection, challenge or difficulty. It will be something so strong it will inspire you to move forward no matter what.

As part of this, how many things that you wanted to do … but have just never gotten around to because you were afraid of failing?

Here is a quote to remember:

Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity.

This means it’s better to move forward in an imperfect way than to wait for the right moment, the right opportunity and so on.

Focus on the improvement. Focus on “you” learning something new and moving forward on that. Don’t focus on how many mistakes you make. Look at it as feedback … a way to do things better!

The formula to success with women and in your own life is:

1) Take action

2) Evaluate what did and didn’t work

3) Course correct – do more of what does work

4) Take new action

I know you guys can do it!!! See you all next week =)

Hot Alpha Female

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