Let’s answer the age old question, “Why do women like drama?” Now, if you ask a typical woman this, she will respond with quite a shocked look on her face and say something like, “Not all women like drama!!” And, then she would probably hint somehow that she was the exception. To which I would warn you that it’s the woman who say things like this – that are actually more inclined to engage in extremely dramatic behavior. And, drama can come in all sorts of forms. Sometimes it’s obvious and other times much more subtle than you could ever imagine.

So, let me eliminate all the confusion when I say, “ALL woman want and need attention!” Whether it’s overt or covert please just understand that on the core biological and primal level of a woman: it’s what she truly craves.

It’s my belief these subconscious primal urges aid a woman to elicit the help of men or women around them. Women seek attention and they test to see how much attention they can attract so they can be rest assured that when a time comes where they need HELP, they will be able to effortlessly receive it.

I believe attention seeking is a form of basic survival for a woman.

Now, I’m not saying that to justify my own dramatic actions or the dramatic actions of all the other women in this world. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m simply saying that if you can understand, become aware, and accept this process – then being able to prevent, minimize, and reduce the level of dramatic behavior experienced with a woman will more than likely be achievable.

So, let’s all assume that we agree the concept that ALL woman need, crave, and desire some form of attention as a basic survival mechanism. Next, I want you to understand that there is ALWAYS a reason or intention behind a woman’s actions. More simply put there is something that she is getting out of acting in a particular way. Whether that be sweet and innocent or bitchy and bad. There is some kind of perceived need and benefit being met.

When you can identify that need and find a way to meet those needs in a positive way you are well on your way to avoiding those countless public couple fights and numerous sexless nights on the couch.

I say that is worth a high five!

Now, some women have positive ways of getting their needs met and negative ways to get their needs met. When her needs are met in a positive way the relationship you have with her will be more likely to grow, develop and expand your relationship. When she is getting her needs met in a negative way, the relationship you have with her will more likely have arguments, pain and eventual dissolution.

The key is to PAY ATTENTION!

I want you to notice any signs or patterns that happen regularly. When something consistently happens, make a mental note of it and keep track of it. When you are more aware of these processes, it will become a lot easier to anticipate and prevent occurrences like these in the future. Which means many more happy days!

Action plan for handling dramatic women

1) Pick a woman who has the emotional capacity to become aware of her patterns and learn to replace them with positive beneficial patterns. This will require some patience, communication, and some experimentation.

2) Learn how to identify the underlying need she wants to have met when she is giving you a shit test. Is she feeling insecure and if so what specifically about? If you are feeling a little nauseous while reading this because you have NO IDEA how you are suppose to tell – here is a little tip, ASK HER! And, when you do, be prepared to read between the lines. Simply acknowledging a shit test means you are already half way there to overcoming it!

3) Make sure that you learn how to truly communicate with her and come from a place of understanding. First understand and accept her actions and her emotions. Show her your capacity to be un-swayed by her crazy actions. Part of this means not believe everything that she says. Part of this means discerning between what is going on with her and how this really has nothing to do with you. When a woman is upset – most of the time it’s not a personal attack. She is more than likely scared and just needs to reassured about the insecurity that she feels. Part of this means you have a self esteem which is strong and forever growing and not dependent on how she is acting with you.

Being in your MAN power.
Here is something I want you guys to remember. You can truly attract a woman and maintain that attraction with her when you are grounded and in your own power. So when you speak – you speak for yourself, not for her. When you walk – you walk for you, not for her. When you assert yourself- you assert for you, not for her. You are in your own power. You are feeding off your own internal energy and you are projecting that to her.

I truly believe that needy guys are really off-putting to women because they feed off the energy of the woman. So when she interacts with him – she feels really drained, and that is because she is!!!

Remember to always be in your own power. Inspire her with YOUR energy to open to her own feminine energy. So you are going there to provide value rather than to get something from her. People who are here to offer value – always become more valuable.

Why you can’t have one standard response all the time!
Now, I want to talk a little about a woman’s hormonal cycle. And, even though you may have fallen asleep in health class 101 – this is really important so listen up!

Because a woman is experiencing a constant flux of different hormones – she always experiences a different flux of emotions and needs. Therefore throughout her cycle a woman will feel different about herself several times throughout the month. Every woman will respond differently in her cycle. But there is a huge hormone shift happening every month which can cause her to go from a sex driven vixen to a withdrawn and bitchy woman. A woman is always on a constant emotional wave. So, your responses to her emotional ways will have different impacts on her during different times of the month. She is in constant flux.

That is why no ONE strategy will always work with all woman 100% of the time.

It just doesn’t work like that! But I can say that one thing that will always work and that is: being in your own power. Feeding and giving off your strength and your masculine presence which will prove to be soothing for a woman NO MATTER where she is in her cycle. Therefore, when she is acting more “withdrawn and moody” a more compassionate, understanding approach will reduce her moodiness. And, when she is more “bubbly and outgoing” she may appreciate more of your dominant and assertive qualities.

Last words
With that said, I want you guys to understand that women not out to cause pain and misery on you (bar a few). If men and women can accept each other strengths and weaknesses and learn to truly appreciate them then the more harmony and happiness both of sexes can truly experience.

I’ve had my say, now it’s your turn!

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