I want to be able to build your awareness as to what these women really look like. The quicker you are able to identify an emotionally immature woman the sooner you will know what you are dealing with and if you really want to deal with that.

Women tend to process emotional things differently. But that doesn’t mean that every single woman you meet is going to be this high maintenance, emotional potato sack.

Here are some of the things that you can do as a man to cultivate the best and most mature response from women.

Quick Note: Remember that in deciding what woman you want … that it is in fact, your decision! You don’t have to date or put up with anything that you are not willing to. No one is forcing your hand. You always have control.

Okay, moving back to the tips, here they are:

1. Place assertive boundaries from early on. Also notice her response to these boundaries. Don’t she respect them, does she rebel? These will point out where she is in terms of maturity.

2. Don’t fall for her manipulative games. Women will use their femininity and their sexuality to get what they want. And, they are used to getting exactly what they want. Show her you are a smart man who can see through all her games. She will either get up and leave (and she will probably be doing you a favor) or she will tame them down and respect you for seeing past them all.

3. Be selective. You don’t have to date every woman. You have a choice. Know what you are willing to give to her and also what you are not willing to tolerate!

The most important thing I want you guys to realize is that you always have a choice. And, I want you to realize the power of awareness. When you can clearly see what is going on, you have more power to change that. The more choice you have the more freedom and flexibility you can experience. These are all good things.


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