I created this video because reading the various emails I receive I realised a common thread between them all.

It was this idea of placing the responsibility on something outside yourself. Meaning the control was given to the woman you were dating or the women you had yet to meet.

This is extremely harmful and can really kill your cool.

Personal responsibility it about assessing what is and isn’t under your control. And working towards your best outcome.

As part of that, you must learn to refocus your thoughts and ask better quality questions in order to get better quality answers.

What you focus on expands. Always. So if you are: constantly focusing on getting her to like you, seeking her approval, or wanting her to call you back; then you will be constantly sparking emotions and thoughts which make you feel tense and anxious.

If however you focus on things that are completely under your control, like the way you behave, the thoughts that you think and focus on cultivating those, then you can have a much more empowering experience with yourself and this woman.

In part 2 I will be addressing the 3 other core assumptions that you can place on yourself which will help you regain control of the situation and allow that natural sense of cool and ease to return effortlessly.

Hot Alpha Female

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