In a number of my other videos I talk about the importance of a man having presence. This presence and masculinity helps to draw out a woman’s femininity, receptiveness and appreciation … which are all good things.

In addition presence will not only enrich the relationships you have with women, but help to create a much more fulfilling life.

To be present is to have all your experiences, attention and resources focused all in one point in time; that which is happening right now.

It involves being in your body, becoming aware of all the thoughts and distractions which may be circulating your mind and then letting them pass over you. Learning presence means you will be able to truly hear what another is saying and it will help create a space between a thought and a particular emotion which may or may not lead to a particular action. Presence allows you to stop operating on autopilot and allows you to regain back control.

You can develop presence mentally and physically. Both are very easy to do, but it will require practice and integration over time.

In terms of attracting women, developing presence also allows you to treat everyone equally. Since you are practicing removing the judgmental thoughts about yourself and others – you can treat really attractive women just as equals – as real people. There is no time for putting them on a pedestal, approval seeking or belief in self defeating thoughts.


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