23rd March 2011

UPDATE: Offer is now closed!! Thanks for all the wonderful support!! It’s been a great learning experience and now I know better ways I can serve you. I received a whole lot of emails with some great comments! You guys know who you are, what you say to me in private you can say to me publicly, too! Nothing to hide! Thanks guys and I’ll be seeing you later on this week! Wooohooo!!!

P.s I know NO blogpost on Saturday. But you guys are just going to have to wait. I have been sleep deprived for about 5 days and my brain thinks in a discombobulated manner when this happens and not in a good way. For now, know that when my post comes out on Saturday, it will be fresh out of the press and full of HAF content =)


http://www.askhotalphafemale.com/offer - here is the link to my down-loadable guide 3 Biggest Myths on Attracting Women.

It will only be available for the next 24 hours, and all you lovely guys who support me will get private access to my video on the 4 other myths men mistakenly engage in and EXACTLY what to do about it.

Thank you for all your wonderful support over the years ……

See you guys next week!!!


P.S Good, bad. Superficial, insightful. I want to hear everything you guys say. I love your love mail. And I love your hate mail. I value all your opinions. So leave your comments on the guide right here on this post =)

Hot Alpha Female

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