There are two main things I see truly holding men back when it comes to attracting and interacting with women.

The first is attitude. Attitudes they have about themselves and attitudes they hold about women. When any of these are negative, sabotage and frustration are not far around the corner.

When you can learn to investigate what these thoughts are, be open to what you find, and are willing to change these to new and empowering beliefs, your world can literally change.

And the great thing is that all of this under your complete control!

The second thing I see holding men back is a deeper understanding of the psychology of women. When this has never been taught to a man, it can literally be like walking in around in a dark room, trying to orient yourself.

However it is also no use to simply understand women at a deeper level if there are negative attitudes to women in mind. Because in the end these ideas will either be rejected or abused and non of this will help contribute to longer lasting and fulfilling relationships with women.

It is my assumption that this is what men are truly striving for.


Hot Alpha Female

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