Myth: Once you rope a woman you are in – you don’t have to maintain her …

Ever had this experience. Walking up to a chick, somehow catching her attention and then not knowing what to say, how to act or how to move the conversation you are having with her into a “date” or a “lets catch up again some time again”. What about this. Going on a couple of dates with a girl, using some cocky funny humour, telling her some funny stories, charming her with your learned “alpha male characteristics” and then wondering … oh F**K what do I do next? Or oh F**K, I’ve used up all my material! Or oh F**K now she is interested in me, how do I keep this going?

Do you just keep doing the same stuff that you have always been doing? Can you just use the same material over and over again and hope that she isn’t like a normal human being who actually needs and desires some sense of variety and excitement?

I mean attracting a woman is going to be your biggest hurdle right? I mean once you have her attracted to her, its all smooth sailing. Its all hugs and kisses and minimal drama. Its all handled. Like you were the dog, she was the car and now you caught her … right?!

Yeh, well you have another thing coming if you believe that a few tips, tricks and smart lines are going to get you to score that woman you really desire.

You got another thing coming if you believe all your work is done once you have been able to attract a desirable woman, because in fact your work has only JUST started!

Hey don’t get me wrong, learning all these will help you get a conversation out of a woman, it might even help you get a couple of dates, it might even score you a woman that is interested in you, but there is only so long that you can keep an act running for so long. And I sure bet its exhausting keeping up a facade and behaving in a way that feels completely foreign to you.

But I can’t blame you for having this extremely blinding and almost horrifying belief that once you get the girl all your work is done. We have recent movies like Hitch to re-enforce this idea.

As Dr Hitch says,

“Three dates is all I need. Three dates, and I’ll get you here, to the high-stakes medal round …. After that, you’re on your own.”

Yes you are alone. So very very alone. And I really doubt that you could afford to hire Dr Hitch for the entire length of your relationship, especially if its going on long-term (he didn’t look too cheap). So let me break this down. He coaches you for three whole dates and if he can successfully coach you without you coming across Mr. Bean turned Mission Impossible agent .. you get the girl and then its all over. Happy ending and credits rolling.

Or is it?

Well as I’m sure all of you have experience that in fact maintaining a woman can be harder than attracting her. Especially if you used these half ass tips, tricks and one liners to get her interested and now you just are left with all your “original content”. In fact its just as much of a problem for guys to not only attract a woman, but to keep them interested.

And guys, if you are getting dumped for the same reasons time and time again, this is probably a sign that there is something you are missing on your behalf (sorry, someone has to tell you!)

You see, its easy to attract women, when you understand what drives them, what they are looking for, what they want to feel and experience while with you. That’s all these pickup lines and techniques teach you, how to get a woman to experience a desirable feeling. And it works, yet you just get left out in the cold as to what exactly that feeling is that you just created and why its so important.

You see without a real understanding of the psychology of women, its like getting the answer to a math’s problem, but never knowing how to solve the equation yourself. Yes, frustrating. So don’t fall for the myth. You need to know so much more, than simply “getting the girl”, you need to know how to maintain her (that’s another story).

So what is your alternative?

Trust me in the long run, this one works out to be cheaper. You ready for it?

You cultivate in yourself a man who naturally attracts and can continue to maintain attraction with women.

Now I know this sounds easy and in some respects it is.

But more importantly means that you must cultivate your best self, you must find ways to access your presence and your masculinity, you must develop passion and purpose in your life, you must develop your assertiveness and compassion and you must remove and replace limiting beliefs about yourself, women and relationships that may be affecting your current situation.

You see the work is a lot harder, much more deeper and also much more beneficial to your own personal development and ultimately to your life. It becomes a process that surpasses your frustration about women or your lack of understanding about women. It becomes a process that is entirely about yourself. If you are truly struggling with attracting women, then no quick fix is going to save you. No one pickup line, pull and push technique or conversation starter is going truly give you what you want. That’s the truth.

You can actually limit a whole lot of current and future frustration by understanding that this is going to be a process for you and the aim is improvement rather than getting it all together in one big moment in time. And your kidding yourself that all you need to learn is how to pick up a chick and that’s it. Come-on – we both know women are more trouble than that! Do you really think they are going to let you get away with it that easy?

So you don’t have to ditch the hitch movies or throw out all your pickup books, all I’m saying is to get your assumptions right, learn the fundamentals and realise that if you truly want to learn to interact, attract and maintain attraction with women, that its going to be a longer but also more worthwhile process.

Guys, I know your reading, what are some of your thoughts?

Hot Alpha Female

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