When learning how to develop attraction with a woman, one of the first things that you are told is to learn to develop Alpha Male characteristics or become the ultimate alpha man.

And then usually the description you will here will be the antithesis of everything that a Beta Male represents. Therefore you hear that an Alpha Male is the exact opposite of a man that is wussy, approval seeking, predictable, needy, indecisive and uncertain about himself and the experiences around him.

So does that really mean that an Alpha Male is unpredictable, strongly dominant, a risk taker, outspoken and loves the centre of attention?

I think that there is a huge risk is assuming that an Alpha is just the pure opposite to a Beta male. Especially since there is only a small minority of people who could really be classified an ultra Alpha and ultra Beta. Majority of people are on a medium of this scale. The risk also comes from the fact that to truly create and maintain interest with a woman, one must display certain Alpha (dominance, leadership, assertiveness) and certain Beta characteristics (compassion, empathy, understanding, supportiveness). One must learn to appreciate both.

I was reading an article on askmen.com by Ross Jefferies who gave me inspiration from this post. Here is what he says …

“When you can make women feel both listened to and led, both recognized and guided , then you will carry a “vibe” about you that no busting, sarcastic, “Alpha” loudmouth could ever even hope to imitate, much less realize and enjoy.”

To which I was reading in eager excitement! Because it is so irrevocably true. This is, I believe the missing piece of the puzzle. The one thing that ties all things to together.

See for a while it really did baffle me. This idea of this super dominant male and this idea of the beta male. Because as a woman, I could see that each has their own things to offer. Each had characteristics which I was attracted to. But Jefferies just tied the knot for me, in my mind for you too.

Because it’s that mixture of the hardness and the softness, that dynamic combination in a man, that really turns her on. Hey if a man is being hard and dominant all the time – its going to be quite unsettling for a woman. She isn’t going to feel understood and truly visible and expressive of her true emotions to him. And if he is being soft and gentle all the time, then she also isn’t going to be able to experience herself fully. Because she doesn’t feel like she can let it all out “without hurting your feelings”.

Therefore a woman will be most attracted to the man which she feels she can most fully experience herself with. The good, the bad, the light the dark, the happy, the sad, the deep, the shallow, the nice and the slutty.

Yes an alpha man does have a certain finesse about him. So let’s talk about some of those things that a true Alpha Male does. Lets help you find that perfect “unlocking” combination which not only attracts women, but magnetizes everyone towards you. Lets talk about a way in which you can learn to “be” and “become” a man that attracts a woman through his presence. Let’s see how you can develop certain characteristics of your personality so that they will become a natural extension of who you are, so that you can simply “be” rather than “think” or “act”. Let your presence, do all the speaking for you. Let your presence, create all the attraction for you. Let your presence, magnetize the people and opportunities you wish to attract.

1) A true leader
So the first thing that comes to my mind, when I think about an Alpha Male is this idea of dominance. This idea of leadership and assertiveness. Its not in the way that many of you may be thinking. I actually believe Alpha Males are a lot more commanding in their presence than they are with their mouth. Alpha Males are not necessarily the loudest guy in the room, the one with the most to prove, but he is the one that when he speaks, has an audience that is willing to listen. He is the one that “people” go to, because its “his” opinion which is the one that counts. In other words, he leads and commands the respect of the room.

And that is truly what a leader is. A truly great leader isn’t someone who just tells you what to do. A true leader is one whom you trust, listen to and respect. One in which part of you admires. So how does he display this dominance. He could do this in a number of ways which he can demonstrate this which includes, directing the conversation, asking questions, doing things on his terms (at his convenience), moving with intent and purpose, communicating in ways that are magnetic and powerful (through body language and tone of voice) and very aware of personal space and ignoring its boundaries (touching them when communicating to them, positioning themselves closer to someone) and so on.

Now here is the tricky part.

2) Listen and Responds
A true Alpha Male has the ability to listen and respond in equal proportions to his ability to lead and dominate! This is where this balance and finesse comes in. And this is how he can earn the respect, admiration and attention of the people around him, because he can presently and actively engage them in any moment. And these people can and will feel his “presence” while conversing or being around him.

That’s what makes him magnetic. And that’s what makes him attractive to women.

3) Devoid of any approval seeking behavior
And now here is another. He is completely devoid of any approval seeking behavior. He has a strong sense of self, that is not dependent on the opinion of others. This can sometimes be seen and termed as confidence, but it is so much more than this. Confidence can sometimes be faked. True self assurance cannot. This also enables him to truly do that which he desires. He takes in information from other people, their opinions, and their actions but ultimately will come to his own conclusions. And most of the time these conclusions can be directly in contrast to the opinion that he was presented in. This isn’t about always being right. This is about being rebellious or disagreeable. Its about the fact that he truly deems his conclusions more important than any one else’s. This communicates a sense of autonomy and independence. Which in turn communicates strength in character. And it is in this way that Alpha Men, draw a following for those that want to be lead. And all women want to be led. Hell even a lot of men want to be led.

4) Values his opinion higher than any other
Now here is the third and favorite thing he does. He says it how it is. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He isn’t afraid to express his opinion. He isn’t afraid of stepping on someone’s toes. He is going to call out a shit test when he wants to. He is going to call out the bullshit that you don’t even recognise. In fact he probably expects a lot of bullshit from people’s mouth and know exactly how to deal with it. He is going to tell you the truth. When he feels like telling you the truth, which most of the time will be in that moment and he will not make any apologies for it. And it will be insightful and it will be brutally honest. This is what women appreciate. Because she goes around in her day to day experience with her friends, co-workers and family, dishing out bullshit, shit tests, brattiness because she gets away with it all the time. In fact for her its a tried and proven method. Its work for her time and time again. So here comes this guy who calls her out on her bullshit INSTANTLY. Maybe it was something that she said, maybe it was something that she did, but the end result is the same. She is either gobsmacked, or she is incredibly impressed, if not both. And she won’t know exactly what to do. One because she didn’t realise how much bullshit has seeped into her life and two because she so rarely, ever, gets called out on it. So now here is guy who seems, calm, relaxed and who can see her for who she really is, or at least a part of her that no other man or person has been so quickly able to identify.

And that is why an Alpha Male is so attractive to the opposite sex. Because the sense of who he is and how he behaves, triggers multiple attraction points in a woman that put her at “his” very whim. But that’s where she wants to be anyway.

So learn to become the true man which allows her to experience herself as a true woman.

Hot Alpha Female

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