Yep, that’s right, I’m sure you have heard of it before. Using cocky funny humour can help you attract a woman. And yes, all the rumors are true. Learning to tease, have fun and challenge a woman are great to get her to drop her defenses, open up to you and become more relaxed around you.

Now that you have got her attention, what happens now? Do you just keep it up? Do you tease and joke with her about everything? Well in this video I explain, why you need to keep up cocky funny and why you don’t need to.

I suggest that its great to keep up being cocky funny and teasing her, as it helps to keep the variety, anticipation and spark alive in the relationship. This is important to keep things interesting and fresh.

But I also want to mention how damaging it can really be if you don’t further develop and allow her to experience a number of other emotions. A woman likes to experience emotional depth. This means she may want to be sad at times or she may want to laugh. It also means that there are times when you want to joke around and she may want a source to vent to or some empathy and understanding.

If she is at a point where she wants to experience this and you end up laughing in her face and tell her to “lighten up” – its not going to do you or her any favors.

If she can only experience all the good superficial emotions with you, she is not going to feel like she can have a full experience while she is with you, which again will lead to her acting up, creating unnecessary drama and so on.

On the other hand if you are able to take her to many different emotional places, happy, sad, deep, meaningful, playful she will feel like she gets an emotional workout from you. The more workout she gets the need she feels to create drama and the closer a bond you can develop with her.

So enjoy guys and let me know your thoughts,

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