I know you here a lot, display confidence, be assertive and take the leadership position! It’s like drilled it. And let me tell you. It works.

When in doubt, display dominance. So when you get into a relationship,
do you still have to display dominance all the time? Well initially its important to assert your dominance, as this will communicate that you are in fact the leader. Women want to be led. Some will put up a bigger fight than others, but at the end of the day, they all want to be led.

This is important in the initial stages, but then after that, what comes next? Well after a woman has been interacting with for some time and she is testing you less, her defenses are down, its fairly safe to assume that she has assumed your leadership. She has accepted it.

Therefore when it comes to being in a relationship with her, you must now share this control with her. Encourage her to express her opinions more and actually allow her to make decisions some of the time. This will contribute to the relationship as a woman will feel she is able to express herself and her opinions, which is important in her building more trust and intimacy with you. If you are dominant all the time, she will eventually become reclusive, withdrawn or even more demanding and defiant. She will not be able to be the girl that you first met.

Enjoy the video,

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