So for my loyal readers, you may have realised that I have moved off blogger and onto my own BLOG! Yes, that’s right, Hot Alpha Female “The Blog” has undergone a MAJOR overhaul (I don’t know what other makeover you were thinking about!)

So hope you guys like the look and feel of this website. I really wanted something that was more user friendly and easier on the eyes, so you guys can find what you want … and find it fast!

Like with all new things, there are heaps of little bugs I need to iron out, but don’t worry I’m totally onto it!

In the meantime, I would love your feedback on the new website, any suggestions on things you want to see on here as well as pointing out anythings that need to be fixed =)

Thanks guys for all your loyal readership, don’t worry there is a lot more interesting and juicy content coming out your way!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to figure out how to transfer all my RSS subscribers from blogger onto here, so if you guys were subscribed to my old blog, then you are going to have to resubscribe (Sorry!)

You can do this

Look out for the next post which will be coming out on Wednesday 9th June 2010. You guys are gonna love it!

Hot Alpha Female

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