I’m sure there are many of YOU guys who have gone through a breakup – where the girl has clearly dumped you.

Breakups in general suck! But if its a different girl, but the same situation over and over again, then there has to be something “Your” doing to contribute the ultimate ending of your relationship.

If you can get her, thats one thing, but can you really keep her, because that in itself is the ultimate skill.

Jay and I don’t really believe in rules. But more guidelines, ways of thinking and principles. In this video we address some hot issues like;
*Why girls like straight to your face and get away with it.

*The truth about “being yourself” and what really works.

*What are some attractive factors that keep a girl interested and begging for MORE MORE MORE!

Next post is coming out on Friday! – Cheating, To Tell or Not To Tell ….

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