Hey guys.Ok so I have to be honest. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been away. The truth is I have been here the whole time, racking my brain as to what to write about. I have about 10 or 12 half written posts which I just can’t bear to finish. My mind is heavy, my writing is slow. And for the life of me, I just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

So I guess I just have to be honest with you guys, clear my chest and free my mind. About three months ago I just started seeing this really special guy. A guy who already has enriched my life is so many ways and taught me more about relationships in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years.

In this whirlwind beautiful romance which I could have only made up in an epic fiction novel, I have found that my energy has been refocused on ideas about relationships and dating that are MORE than just about “how to attract and man or a woman” but on things that are deeper, more meaningful and more honest than I could have ever possibly imagined.

Therefore for now, I’m cutting back on all the airy fairy dating advice, I will admit my own advice got me to this wonderful relationship and I value its quality. I just think that from my experience if as individuals we look at our own truths, speak honestly about ourselves from the heart, finding someone to appreciate and love that …. is very easy. So why not get to that stuff first?

So maybe it has been difficult for me to write – because I was trying to write about a chapter in my book which for now has ended. A new one has opened and the only thing I feel I can do, is look forward and enjoy the new space by which I have so much to learn from.

Being essentially single and dating for about 3 years with some road stops along the way, taught me many things about myself, men and gave me greater emotional maturity. It taught me to set boundaries, to communicate properly, to respect myself and above all enjoy my own company. Something I have spoken about countless times on this blog.

You can’t date or truly find someone with a crazy list in your head, with a set of rules about what you should and shouldn’t do. I learnt that a true and genuine relationship comes from being able to truly connect and understand yourself first.

I’m reminded of one of my friends who happens to be single and frustrated with the dating game. Riddled with experiences of cat and mouse games, unavailable guys, blurred half relationships, I can totally understand her frustration. Been there, done that.

But the truth is singleness is a highlight of my life so far. It was so much fun, not knowing what was going to happen next, always been swept away by different men, being able to have the freedom to do what you want, when you wanted to. Its all part of the process and to be honest it makes far more interesting conversation at a girls night out laughing about horror dates or mysterious guys we just can’t figure out.

Being single is a self discovery process. So are relationships. Its just sometimes, you learn different things about yourself in each stage. I had single life handled. I was comfortable with it. I knew how to deal with it.

And that’s how life is. As soon as your are comfortable with something in your life, thinking that things are not going to change, then BANG. There comes another challenge. And another one and another. And its a beautiful thing.

So there it is. The god honest truth. Hot Alpha Female is seeing a guy. Just one. Exclusively. Phew. I feel great!! So on that note I’m going to wrap it up with a note for single girls and boys out there, with one piece of advice.

Don’t “want” or “long” for a relationship. It will not save you. It will not give you the happiness you have always dreamed about it. All of that starts today. Those things you are putting on hold until you find that partner … do them now. Enjoy the freedom of being single, celebrate it, have a party! When this happens the calling of “silent desperation” will no longer sound …

So here is to o a new chapter of Hot Alpha Female. You can be assured that the advice with be even more brutally honest than ever before.

Hope you guys are ready =)

Hot Alpha Female

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