Got ya with that headline right? Come-on, I’m a chick, I know the conversations we have over coffee or breakfast with the girlfriends, trying to figure out exactly what Mr. A is thinking and what he meant by saying that or doing this.

I must admit that girls love to fantasize. We love to make up stories in our head and hope for the best that it will turn out like that in reality.

The truth is, this is probably the number one cause for drama in a girls dating or relationship life, because it sets up unrealistic expectations or outcomes which cannot really be controlled.

Usually a girls thinking goes along like this, “If only I knew what he really meant, when he said this, or looked at me that way. If I really knew then I would be happy, or I wouldn’t have to worry”.

No wonder dating and relationships can be so agonizing! That’s torture right there. Because the truth is, even if a guy tells you straight out what he is thinking, it still might not be the truth! You will still colour it with your perceptions, your beliefs and all these filtering systems in your mind.

We are hardly ever relating to an actual person anymore. More so just the thoughts of who “WE” believe them to be.

So I guess now you want an answer to the truth about what men are thinking …

Well here is my answer….

It doesn’t matter!

Yep. You girls are probably hating me right now. Some of you might be thinking, “What do you mean it doesn’t matter, how does it not matter?!”

Yeh I love you too.

No, truly I do care about you guys and that is exactly why I’m telling you “as it is”.

The truth is, that guys don’t anal-yse as much as we do.

The truth is, if you really want to know how a guy feels about you, look at his actions.

Action is the language of men. That’s your gauge.

If a guy is interested in you, he will chase you down like no tomorrow. Men are hunters. Your the prey. Let them do their job.

Common situations for single gals
So if there is a guy you like and things are going well. Then all of a sudden he is no longer calling you, contacting you or asking you out on dates.

Do yourself a flavour and listen what he is really saying. His actions show that he is not chasing you. Therefore for whatever reason, he has lost interest. I know it sucks.

Don’t take it personally. Unless there was something really crazy that you did, that scared him away.

In that case, fix that up and keep on going.

Common situation for gals in a relationship
So a guy tells you he loves you. Ok its called a Tuesday. But how do you really know?
Well does he ask you what’s wrong when you seem in a stinky mood? Does he make the effort to see and contact you? When you make a request or tell him about something you need, does he step up to the platter?

Its easy to love a person on a good day, when all things are going well. But real love is when a person sticks by you thick and thin. Good and bad days and doesn’t love you any less for it.

In this day and age, words are easy to come by and easy to say.Many people these days say one thing and then do another. So don’t fall into that pitfall. You are looking for people who are not only true to their word, but have their actions match their words.

So next time your wondering if a guy is really interested in you, or into you. Really listen. By observing what he does.

Matching words with actions is what you are looking for. You deserve nothing less.

Men: Do you agree? Men speak by actions?

Women: have any stories to share in relation to this?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Hot Alpha Female

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