Q: I purchased your guide where can I download it?
A:If you logged into your PayPal account to purchase my guide – after you have made your purchase – PayPal will automatically redirect you to the download page. Also an email will be automatically sent out to the primary email attached to the PAYPAL account you purchased the product with.
A: If you paid by credit card after this is complete you would have been taken to a PayPal thank you page. On that page there is a yellow button called “return to merchant”. If you click on that it will take you to the page where you can download your guide.

Q: My internet was interrupted during the transaction and now I haven’t received anything from you.
A: Sometimes if you have an internet interruption your $1 payment will have gone through, but your email may not be registered on my list and therefore you will RECEIVE nothing from me. If you have purchased your guide and have not received anything from me, simply contact me via my form and I’ll fix it up for you within 24 hours =)

Q: I still can’t find the email which allows me to download the guide.
A: First check your SPAM or JUNK Inbox in your email and look for something from “Hot Alpha Female” in case my has ended up there.
A: If you still find nothing – No problem – contact me via this form and include the email address you used to purchase your guide and I will fix it for you.

Q: Will you be sending me more stuff?
A: Yes, I have a series of bonus material and a jam packed newsletter that will accompany my guide to give you the latest advice on attracting women.

Q: Can I change the email that you will be sending your newsletters and bonuses to?
A: The email I will be sending all this juicy content to, is the PAYPAL email that you used to purchase the guide – at the moment this is the only way I have been able to set it up. To change the email address you can do 2 things;

  • First option – You can change the primary email address of PayPal so it will go to a more current email address that your prefer
  • Second option – You can click on the manage subscription option at the bottom of each newsletter and update all your details from there.

If your question isn’t answered above or you have something else you would like to add – I would love to hear it. So leave a comment below!

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