Mistake Number 1: Not going after what you want. Second guessing your words and your actions all out of the fear of rejection or humiliation

“Just Friends” 2005 – Bedroom scene where the main character doesn’t take the opportunity to sleep with his friend (who he clearly has feelings for). You can check out the scene right here ….(scene starts at 4:00)

Solution: Take the opportunity that is in front of you. Be courageous and move forward. Get used to doing things that move you outside your comfort zone, they don’t have to be associate with women – just things that scare you a little. You aim to become more familiar with the feelings associated with the unfamiliar.

Mistake Number 2: Trying to get a girl to like you – using logic.

Trying to rationale with a girl how this “other guy” is a jerk – won’t work.
Making sure you are ALWAYS there for her – may not work in the initial stages

Solution: Want to mix certainty (her trust and comfort with you) with uncertainty (mystery and anticipation) – you need both in equal doses to create that attraction. Remember attraction is an emotional not a rationale experience for a woman.

Mistake Number 3: Being scared to be a fence pusher. This means interacting with every woman and leaving her with a neutral feel about her. You don’t want to upset her, you don’t want to step up so that she can really see and experience all the good things you have to offer. A woman cannot be attracted to a man that she feels neutral about. Operate on the basis of she will either love me, or she will hate me. Push her off that fence. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.

Solution: Know and define the type of woman you want to interact with. Become the kind of man that the woman you want – would be attracted to. Remember, there comes a point where dating multiple women becomes a lot more work than fun. You only need to find ONE good quality woman out there. So start getting specific.

Mistake Number 4: Giving into her because you think it will make her happy and more attracted to you. Women like men who stand up for themselves. Women like men who have their own optioning and sense of self. The more you give in to her – the less she will be attracted to you.

Giving in is agreeing with her – when you really don’t giving is letting her walk over you – when you really want to say something.
Giving in is saying yes – when you really want to say NO.

Solution: Practice saying NO. Remember that you are the qualifier – you get to decide if you want to put up with this. Remember that you have the power. Instead make sure to challenge her. Throw back her comments or requests. Call her out on it when she is making a disrespectful request. Use it as material to tease her with it. Know what you will say yes and no to. Lay down boundaries that adhere to these.

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