Ok so here is the thing. I get a ton of emails from girls and (mainly) guys who have someone in their life who is a close friend, but who they secretly want to date.

What do I mean by secretly. Well simply that! This “friend” has NO freaking idea that you like them, or would want to “get to know them” in that way.

So what am I really describing here? Well NO OTHER than the “FriendZone!”. Being called a friend by someone that you “like” might as well as be the kiss of death.

But if some of you have thrown yourself in that basket anyways, then I guess I could lend a helping hand.

In this you-tube video I’m going to tell you why you are in the FriendZone and THEN what you can do to get out of it and avoid it at all costs in the future.

Ready when you are =)

to check out the video

Hot Alpha Female

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