Ok, so lets admit it. There are some times when you meet a guy and you are “Just So INTO Him”.

You met, had a great time, really enjoyed his company and now your all caught up in fantasizing what a great boyfriend he will be, where you will get married and the names of your future children.

Some of you may laugh … but very often this is the trap that a lot of women fall into.

Maybe not so much to that extreme, but when we like a guy most of the time, we are at least sizing him up, of how great he will be in a relationship, in the your life and in bed =)

Most of the time, we are jumping about 10 years ahead and thinking about what it would be like to grow old together and yet you still don’t even know his last name.

You are thinking of marrying the guy and you don’t even know his favorite food or that really irritating habit he has of biting his finger nails that you simply cannot stand.

So what am I getting at exactly?

Well I’m simply pointing out the number one pitfall women fall into when they are totally into a guy.


I will admit it happens to the best of us =) So now I want to equip you women with some tips, tricks and exercises that will keep you usefully occupied when you find yourself wearing some big “rose-tinted” glasses.

1) Keep it real. Make sure to take everything at face value. Don’t be looking into everything.

Like for example. “He called me at this time and spoke to me for 4.25 minutes and that must mean he is really into me” *Squeals!*

Don’t start comparing how he was acting when you were with him and how he is acting now.

Take everything in the present moment. If he was funny when you met him and doesn’t seem to be so much, accept that this is his current mood or that he isn’t as funny as you first thought.

Don’t get all caught up thinking he was a person that he really wasn’t.

2) Get a life. Don’t be waiting by the phone for him to call you or talk to you. Go do something, anything! Arrange to go meet up with some of your friends. Go do that thing you have been procrastinating over for the past week. Go read a book, go for a walk, take a bubble bath, watch grass grow …

You see its all about enjoying life. Making the most out of it. Replenishing yourself, so that you have more of yourself to give when you finally get the chance to talk to him.

3) Write it out. Writing is therapeutic. Can you tell by this blog? I have a journal which I right in almost everyday. If someone got their hands on it, I think I would have to shoot them. Because in that journal are all my fears, thoughts and feelings about myself and my life.

I write in there when I’m happy, I write in there when I’m sad or just have something to share.

You see if you get it all out there on the paper, then you can work through those thoughts, instead of taking it out on other people or holding onto them.

4) Talk it out. You know sometimes girls, you just feel insecure. It happens. But you know what? That’s what you have girlfriends for. So if you feel yourself wanting to stay at home by the phone or sit in your room daydreaming, pick up the phone and talk to one of your many girlfriends and let them know what is going on.

Now I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, how to talk. I think this is something that all of us women have mastered hands down.

So you get out there .. and do what your best at!

5) Reason it out. Now I know the phrase “be logical” may seem like a paradox to us women, but we can do it … trust me!

Sometimes its good to sit down and have a think about what exactly you are attracted to in him.

Sometimes when we fall the hardest, its for the worse type of men. You know the players, the bad asses and so on.

you know this when you sit down to do your thinking about what you like about them …. and your dumbfounded for like the next hour.

Because there is something about them that you just can’t put your finger on.

Usually it goes along the lines of “Yeh I dunno, I just really like him …… *blank stare*”.

Now in that case, it can be a very tricky situation – irrational levels are high, logical levels are low and caution lights should be flashing.

Why? because there could be like 5 other girls just like you, who feel the exact same way about him … who are also having the same conversations in their head, with the same blank stares.

So all I’m saying ladies is that you might have to prepare for a little competition.

Which leads to rule number…

6) Fight it out!

But hey …. who doesn’t love a cat fight. Let the games begin =)

Wanna know why these men are so attractive to us? Guess you girls will just have to stick around *winks*

Hot Alpha Female

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