Haha, caught your attention there didn’t I?

Well you all must be thinking – what in the world does she mean?

HAF are u telling me, that you take your brother with you on dates?

No, no … wait … actually he has been on a group date with me once, but does that really count?

No I mean … I hang out with my brother. Just him and me and we have a great time together. Whether it be going to the movies, cooking at home, or going bush walking, I spend some good quality time with him.

We bond the most when we both do ski patrolling in the winter season.

Its kind of cool to be close to your brother. Its cool to be close to the people in your life. Its cool to spend not only time, but good quality time with the people you care about.

I’m not talking about .. hey lets just hang out, when its convenient. I mean actually scheduling time, prioritizing the important people in your life.If you don’t want to make a priority to see them, how important are they to you really?

If I hit a nerve .. well I’m sorry. But it makes you think doesn’t it?

Anyways where am I going with this? So it made me think. Dating and healthy personal relationships. Do they go hand in hand?

Can you have your dating life in the gutter but amazing personal relationships around you??

And the more important question.

Can you have an amazing dating life and have all your other personal relationships in the gutter??

Well let me tell you what I think, even though the answer looks blindingly obvious to me.

Dam straight they go hand in hand!!

You hear the typical argument … Where life seems out of balance. You love work, but neglect your partner. You love your partner but your not following your ambitions. Your family life and business life are great but your health is shot to pieces.

Life is a balancing act. I take it to heart now, when mum tells me “Everything In Moderation”.

I’ve learned to listen to her too. I tell you she is right like 99.9% of the time. I’m still working on the 0.01%, I will find something dammit!!

But see to me; dating and your friends and family all fall under the same category.Its about people and how you relate to them. I don’t care, who they are. How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

So when you yell at your partner or get frustrated easily, you may say … Its only with him or her.But is it really? You sure you don’t do the same with your friends and family.

So I heard from one of the interviews David D conducted with a guy whose name slips my mind at this moment and this is what he said about women in specific.

That you can tell the maturity level of a female by the emotional boundaries she sets herself. Meaning to say that when things start to go wrong with her boyfriend, she doesn’t take it out on her best friend. When things go wrong with her family she doesn’t expect her boyfriend to solve that problem for her.

There are boundaries and each entity operates within each boundary.

So maybe that seems like I’m contradicting what I just said in the previous paragraph, but maybe I’m not.

Because if you have good, strong boundaries for your partner, for your friends and for your family .. even though they all fall under personal relationships, when something happens with one entity … not all people are affected.

That’s emotional maturity right there. Some women who are in their 20s have it. Some women in there 50s still don’t. Its nothing to do with age and possibly a little to do with experience, willingness to learn and a lot of personal growth.

Why and how can I talk about this? Well simply because maybe I’ve realized .. I’ve got a bit of growing up to do =)

See you guys next Monday =)

Hot Alpha Female

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