Ok I just had the biggest lesson of a life time. It has to do with perfectionism and being able to handle rejection.

So here is the thing. Sorry if I have not gotten back to some of your comments and thoughts lately I have been in the lovely Goldcoast having a great time with my bestfriend to celebrate her 22nd Birthday.

There are a whole bunch of stories there, which I will have to share with you another time.

Just before that I was working at the Health Expo as a promotions girls to help promote this website http://www.meetyourpersonaltrainer.com.au which will be launching in like 2 days!

SO as you know with any type of promotions you have to get out there engage with people, capture interest and close the sale.

In many respects it would be similar to a guy approaching a girl and attempting to get her interest.

Well here is what I experienced first hand! Man now I know exactly what it feels like to be a guy, and how hard approaching girls can be.

So this is what happened to me and how I overcame it.
Basically we were told our sales targets and we knew how many signups we needed and how many people’s names we needed to get.

Now I’m still one of those people that needs to work on being able to handle the pressure. Coz right now I crumble like there is no 2moro.

Its pathetic. But hey you live and learn.

So because I knew that there were these sales targets and I felt like I needed to get something out of these people, the interactions and the responses that I was getting were pretty pathetic aye.

A whole bunch of people walked passed me and I gave this half assed approach. It was pathetic. So anyways one of the owners, then comes up to me and says this.

Him: “Jen, how you going?”

Me: *Nervous laugh* ” Yeh not bad”.

Him: “Whatcha doing Jen? … Your looking like a Sales person right now.”

Me: “Are you serious? I can’t stand Sales people and I don’t even like being sold to”.

Him: “You just need to relax and be yourself. Jen you are the most outgoing person I know, just have a conversation with them, you are not selling them anything. All you are doing is raising awareness.”

Me: “Just be myself, have a conversation. Ok I can do that”.

In the next 30 minutes I signed up 2 people to their website.
So what changed?

Well if you can’t tell from the conversation, I stopped coming from the mindset of wanting something from these people.

In a very big way, I was being needy. What is being needy? Wanting or expecting something from someone.

This comes down the basics of approaching women or approaching anyone in particular. If you go to get … you get nothing in return.

But if you go to give, you get everything.

So instead of standing there looking and sounding like a sales girl, I just started to interact with people.

This is one of the best approaching techniques around.

I found what worked best for me, was using something in the environment and using that to strike up a conversation. So I would grab someone and point to their shirt, something that they were doing or holding. Whatever was around them and bring it back to them.

Because lets face it, people love to talk about themselves. So get them talking about themselves and then they are more willing to hear what you have to say.

Whether it be making a sale, or approaching a woman, the most important thing is that you need to develop the rapport.
If you don’t have the rapport, you have nothing.
Remember that one.

So what else did I learn? Well this next part is a very important lesson. But you guys are going to have to tune in on Monday!!

But it has to do with how my best friend was able to kick my ass in laser squirmish, even though she has terrible aim and has never played before in her life. Haha.

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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