This could be an entire weekly series. But we will see how we go.

So as you know it was Easter has come, gone and been left in the dust.

Until next year that is.

Usually it involves a night out, time with family and an excess of chocolate which you don’t and wouldn’t normally eat.

Where do I start. I think I’ll tell you about my Friday, since that was a beginning of it all, which set the tone for pretty much the whole super extended weekend.

Now before I go on, I will say that I didn’t spend excessive amounts of money nor did I drink, nor did I use my flirting abilities to get free drinks, food or money.

To my knowledge anyway….

Want more? You’ll just have to come back on Monday won’t ya? Because that’s the day where I will be kicking off my 3 Part Easter Spectacular Series!!

See ya soon!

Hot Alpha Female

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