To be honest I was saying to myself, I’m going to take it easy this weekend. I literally did not have anything planned. But here is the thing that I have noticed about not planning.

When you “see how it goes” and have no expectations what so ever, you end up having some of the best, most memorable experiences of a lifetime. Literally if I had sat down on Thursday night and tried to think of all the cool and random things that were going to precede that weekend … I think my brain would have exploded.

And you think I joking. Isn’t that cute…..

So literally I’m going to do a recap of my Friday night. I’m going to go into as much detail as I can and then maybe give you a quick recap of my entire weekend without too much detail, because lets face it.

I don’t kiss and tell. If you didn’t notice already.

If you want some of those stories, head over to coz those guys do a better job at that, then I ever could! (haha love you guys).

Plus my dad reads this blog .. I think.

And you know, I actually don’t have some twisted dysfunctional relationship with my dad. I actually like him. We get along… most … some … of the time, when he doesn’t patronize me.

So its Friday night and I have done the family rounds of visiting every relative I could have humanly possibly known and eaten more than my stomach could handle.

Very typical. Especially if your Asian. Especially if you are like me. So I’m at home now, relaxing, not particularly wanting to do anything or go anywhere.

My lovely mother then after having a very foreign language conversation on the phone informs me, that I now have to go dinner with more “relatives” to “eat.”

I give her an .. “are you serious??!” look.

She sympathizes with me, and then tells me I have to go.

Me being not so happy about this, start explaining to her, in a tone of voice that may be a little more irritated than usual, that I do not want to go.

These family dinner happen a couple times a month. My brother who has a girlfriend has not attended one since like 6 months ago. He is always missing out on family occasions, because he is doing something with his girlfriend.

Just because I don’t have anything on that night and I’m not away with my “ONE” and only boyfriend, I have basically attend for him.

Not fair. Quite immature, but I was annoyed.

So I call up my best friend who I previously just msged and said that I didn’t feel like going out. And then asked her, “do you wanna go out?”

She laughs, because she is obviously used to my insanity and the fact that I never feel like doing anything, before I go and do it.

She says its on, I get out of a family dinner pick her up in my car and we head off to the city.

Might I add before, that its also really annoying going to certain family occasions because I think that every single one of my cousins in Australia is like in a long term relationship right now. Except for me. Like I don’t actually think any of my older uncle an aunties understand what dating is … where you are seeing a lot of guys, but just haven’t picked a poor sucker to drag to on family occasions.

That’s for the extremely privileged.

So anyways … I’m in the car with my girlfriend and start to taste and smell the freedom lingering in the air.

Its 8:30pm and the night is still very very very young.

So mind you this …its me and my best friend heading out on EASTER FRIDAY and expecting to go clubbing in the city.

Keep that in your mind, because it comes to play like ohhhh a couple of hours down into our night.

So we get to the city and we are still alive. I was driving and this is a very good outcome.

We head down to George street and the streets are pumping but not really.

I mean there are people and there are people in the clubs but not as many as we thought there should be.

So the night was still early and as we were walking down George street we came across our favorite place in the world.

Wait for it……

Galaxy world.


You did just read that right.

And I’m not going to hold my head in shame either. Coz there are a lot of things I get excited about in life and this is one of them.

Now I’m sure you guys know of the game we were playing. And its the one where you trade your money for tokens and then put these tokens into the machine to push more tokens down and hopefully in the process win a prize that is NO WHERE NEAR worth the amount of money you just poured into this machine.

Whoa that was a really crappy definition so I’m going to see if I can find a picture. Actually come to think of it, next time I have a night out I will take pictures so you guys can really see it all. Then I won’t have to tell you. I’ll just show you =)

And I’m sorry, Google just isn’t helping me out today. But if anyone thinks they know what I’m talking about, send me a link to the picture. lol.

Anyways so we play this game not to win the prizes but just because it so dam fun, trying to win the prizes. You know that saying that goes along the lines of “its about the journey not the destination” well the same applies to these token machines.

So we use all our money. And we are like, should we stay or should we go. Then we see a guy who is doing really well on these machines. He has got both hands loaded full of token coins and there is like loads and loads of them spilling out of the machine.

Its all very exciting. So we watch him. Coz we are just fascinated and I don’t know about you. But I like to watch. lol

Take that how you will.

He then notices us watching and starts talking to us. Can’t remember what he said or who said what, but we made friends with him and ended up getting to play with all his tokens with him.

We won four watches with all his money and he gave them all to us, because apparently he just does it for the fun of it.

Then at the end of it, he said it was a pleasure meeting us and headed off. Now this is just a side note, but I’ll put it in here for the “guys”.

There is something really attractive about someone who interacts with you and doesn’t want anything at the end of it. I am more impressed with a guy who can you can have a great conversation or interaction with and at the end … he doesn’t ask you for your number and he can treat it like a once off interaction. A guy who has no expectations. Because here is the thing, expectations kill the mood and only disappoint.

Of course you have to have standards blah blah, but having certain expectations of how things should happen and work out, leaves no ROOM for you to thoroughly enjoy the present situation that is in front of you.

You end up being in your head instead of interacting with your life and dealing with what comes your way.

Ok side note over.

So my friend and I are very happy. We just managed to have so much fun, with someone else’s money and obtain the prizes too.

Now we are in a great mood to dance.

So we walk enthusiastically over to one of the bars in the street that just an hour or 2 ago was pumping and full of people. We look in and the chairs are stacked on the tables and the place is deserted. We then look out on the street and realize that there is practically NO-ONE on the street ….

Now here is the only one thing about being young. You don’t know shite. You think the world is bigger, better and revolves around you, when it so clearly doesn’t.

Awareness is the first step right?

So as we are trying to figure out why a club would close so early on a Easter Friday a policeman walks up to us and tell us that all the clubs along the street closed at 10pm.

I look at my watch. 11:15pm. Crap.

I look at my best friend who is just waiting for a reaction from me and I say ” I can’t believe we just game up clubbing for galaxy world!!”.

She sympathies with me and the asks me .. lets eat….

I avidly agree with her all is well and we head off …

What happens after that, made our night and many more to come! ….

See what happens next, tune in 2moro!

Hot Alpha Female

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